Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mumbai Massacre

Australian soap opera star Brooke Satchwell hid in a cupboard ... Satchwell, her boyfriend David Gross and seven other Australians, English and Americans were trapped in a hotel in south Mumbai, unable to get help: "They said they were in a secure room but the hotel is on fire and we lost contact with them ..."

A horrifying scene is still unfolding this morning in old Bombay... a series of terrorist attacks [Google Map] carried out by what have been described as " a terror alert. Blogger Dina Mehta has been tweeting almost all night from Mumbai. She writes that she is "Upset and angry and bereft."

Live updates: Mumbai attacks via BBC News

Twitter: Mumbai, Bombay, #Mumbai, and @BreakingNewz.

Attack timed to coincide with U.S. Thanksgiving Holiday?

I was watching satellite last night (BBC and SKYTV). Keep in mind that Thanksgiving is a holiday ONLY in the USA and this attack could well have been served up as a "keep us in check" measure. Now you have people scared to hop on the subway, scared to go to the Macy's Parade, scared to go to the mall on Black Friday. Word comes from that Dozens of videos have been uploaded to YouTube. But the most remarkable citizen journalism may be coming from "Vinu," who is posting a stream of harrowing post-attack pictures to Flickr.

Accounts of Mumbai attacks from media in India

India has experienced terrorism in the past but never at this level. The rag-tag boy terrorist group claiming responsibility, Deccan Mujahedeen, is believed to be an Al-Qaeda affiliate. The attack bears some of the hallmarks of the senior terrorist group. If they follow protocol, we should be watching a videotape by this evening or sometime tomorrow. Or not.

BBC: Explosions and shootings rock India's financial capital...

Neha Viswanathan writes in Global Voices that anger at the media coverage of the Mumbai terror attacks is apparent throughout the local blogosphere.

Why this attack should have India very worried

Bloggers from the Middle East also were quick to respond to the Mumbai terror attacks with shock and anger. Amira Al Hussaini has reactions from bloggers in Israel and Egypt.

Here's an aggregate of citizen journalism/ social media coverage of the Mumbai terrorist attacks: [RoundUp]

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  1. The terror squad was nothing but Paki dirtbags!

    The Indian government has speculated that "external links" may have played a role in the terrorist attacks. That usually means Pakistan. The terrorists came to Mumbai aboard a trawler registered in Vietnam called the AV Alpha (or Alfa). The MV Alpha anchored in Mumbai Harbor and the terrorists came ashore in inflatable Gemini boats. This account is the most complete I've seen of that part of the operation. Indian authorities have captured at least one of the Gemini boats, along with cell phones and other equipment belonging to the terrorists. At least one terrorist has been reported captured; most likely others have been captured as well.

    After discharging the terrorists, the AV Alpha departed the area but was captured 112 km. from Mumbai. News accounts say that the AV Alpha had recently been in Pakistan, but other reports refer to the possibility that the ship carried the terrorists from Gujarat, the northwestern-most province of India which borders Pakistan, to Mumbai.

    Given that the ship has been captured along with at least one terrorist and a good deal of physical evidence, it seems likely that Indian authorities will be able to determine whether the terrorists had support from Pakistan's intelligence service, al Qaeda or other international sources.

    UPDATE: A top Indian general involved in flushing out the remaining terrorists says they came from Pakistan:

    "They are from across the border and perhaps from Faridkot, Pakistan. They tried to pretend that they were from Hyderabad," Major General R.K. Hooda, leading the military operation to flush out the extremists, told reporters.

  2. It is the Indian government at the center to blame for all these terror strikes taking place throughout the country and the latest being the one in Mumbai where more than 100 have been killed and more than 300 injured. And there is no group named Indian Mujahiddin or Deccan Mujahiddin, it is the Pakistan based terror groups L-e-Toyba and the ISI who are doing all these to make the world believe that there is terrorism breeding inside India. .. Hell with Pakistan and Hell to Islamic Terrorism.. There ought to be a limit of tolerance by the govt. and it needs to be changed to take appropriate measures to eradicate the menace of Islamic terrorism from India.

    I think it is the government's laxity that has boosted the terrorists' morals and they think themselves to be invincible now. read more on Mumbai Terror Attacks - a challenge to Indian Security- TuuBol

  3. I just want to say that the western media are not talking about the fact that the terrorists are actually Pakistanis and that one of the captured terrorist is from Faridkot,Pakistan. Unless this message comes clearly across to the general public in the west,the western govts. including the US will not take strict action against Pakistan. Perhaps, Pakistani officials are not aware that their govt, as they say so that Pakistan is directly involved with so much of terrorism. But then why does the name of Pakistan keep coming up all the time. Obviously Pakistan is a failed state and it has no control over the terrorist activities. The whole point of this attack is to cripple the rapidly growing Indian economy , apart from just inducing fear in the Indians and westerners.Western nations have to realize this and help India fight terror by supporting its security forces.

    Moreover, the Indian central government has definitely failed in checking terror in the nation. In this year itself there have been so many terror attacks in India and the corrupt politicians only give pathetic speeches. The frequency of attacks is like every two months some where or the other in India. If Indian government does not take some strict actions like implementing POTA etc, I would not be surprised to see another even worst attack in another few months. All in all the India government has really failed its citizens.

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