Friday, December 12, 2008

Around The Blogosphere 12 December 08

Beyoncé adopte le style “Gen-si Paris”?

Those of you receieving WTEN-DT 10-003 may enjoy watching "Unreliable Sources" - you can catch up on missed episodes on the Net.

The Rod Blagojevich scandal has dominated several news cycles, so the Obama team seems to have decided the time is right to distance, distance, distance itself from the corrupt Illinois governor. More from Gawker.

The NY Times City Room says NY Attorney General Andrew Cuomo "has been trying as hard as he can these days to appear as if he does not want to fill Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Senate seat." [Newsday Video] I wonder if Governor Paterson will make any sort of decision before Friday the 19th... I've been invited to attend a luncheon given by Andrew on that particular day...

A PPP poll finds that Caroline Kennedy is the top choice of New York Democrats to replace Hillary Clinton : she has a great deal of support from black voters who grew up during the time her father (JFK) was President and her uncle (RFK) was serving the state as a Senator. [read the article]

This week, a prominent New York Democratic congressman publicly questioned Caroline Kennedy’s credentials to replace Hillary Rodham Clinton as the area’s junior senator, saying she’s no more qualified to hold office than JLo. [text | video]

seen on mole333's blog: From Air America Radio to Candidate for BP: Coincidence or Rumor Confirmed?

As the economy continues its descent, Gothamist blogs that Global financial markets are falling along with the failure of the US Auto Bailout proposal.

Holly Jolly Seasonal: "Shepherd II" by Geoffrey Philp

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