Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lady GaGa is NOT "the new Madonna"

Was Lady GaGa born a man? YES or NO? Say, why do people get caught up in nonsense like this and nonsense like "XiaXue is Dead?"

It really and truly pisses me off when some knucklehead makes a comment like the one I heard today on the radio: "Lady GaGa is the new Madonna." A statement like that is the last thing a hardworking performing artist or group wants to hear. It brands that person as less than whole, as a copycat or a rip-off artist (while the REAL rip-off artists are heaped with praise, but that's another story!)

You NEVER want to hear that you are the "new and so and so" - it's a slap in the face, spit in the eye, and the idiot (in this case the female disc jockey) who started that kind of talk, well, she should be regarded as a total nincompoop. How would SHE like it if I started telling people that "DJ so and so is the next Bozo the Clown?"

BTW - we also see this kind of labeling done retrospectively - when Eartha Kitt died the press was calling her "the original material girl!" - original my butt!

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donski said...



Dave Lucas said...

Each performer is an artist in her (his?) own right. YOU, donski (or is it donkey?) are a jerk!

donski said...

Gaga is #1 in USA, UK, Australia, Canada and NZ.

your Madonna can suck it.

John said...

I think the similarity people are drawing between Gaga and Madonna is
based more on that they share the same ambition, drive, are both cutting edge,
have a desire for pop-cultural domination , & have something to say etc etc … rather than
that they are actually alike, or that Gaga is a mini Madonna … I do understand the point being made that likening any artist to another can be perceived as lessening their individuality .. But I don’t think it’s true in the case of Gaga …she’ll prove to be a Y-generational phenomena who’ll have a lasting impact on the sonic and pop-cultural landscape in the same way Madonna has done - But in a completely different way .. JKW

Dave Lucas said...

You're right, John... and as for you, donski, Madonna owned the charts for decades while GaGa has yet to make any kind of history... CHECK THIS OUT

Peaceful Blessings!

donski said...

tell some one who cares!

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