Saturday, January 31, 2009

(330) 739-2210

Another "your car warranty has expired" call. Even 10-year old kids get this one on their cell phones! They called me this evening at 5:30, New York time!

The company behind this telemarketing blitzkrieg rotates numbers every six days and rumor has it they operate from remote locations just outside U.S. borders, routing the calls through a valid U.S. Area Code. They particularly target cell phones and word is that if you ever gave your cell number when downloading ringtones or handphone software from third party websites, your number was captured.

It gets worse. Even if you just bought a phone, the number assigned to you may already be "on the list" and you can forget the National "Do Not Call" list. These guys pay no attention to it.

Have gotten this call and similar calls from different numbers. 616-980-2674 213-416-0125 207-925-1732 251-947-8966 517-931-2251 760-204-8423 and 786-486-4635.

Some of these number are "spoofed" so when you try to call back what you see on your caller ID you'll hear a message saying the number is either out of service or "unassigned" at this time.

Fight back! If you find that you can call the number back, start leaving it everywhere: on websites, on Craig's List ("For a good time, call..."), write it on the walls of phone booths and by all means give it to other telemarketers and bill collectors!

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Imelda said...

i once wrote a task about spoof 123, . . .a call can be spoofed really.. but i hope spoofing can be used only for a good and not the other way around, like stalking on an unfaithful husband and others. . .

Dave Lucas said...

I've heard reports that this car warranty scheme involves more than 100 telephone numbers, some spoofed, some not!

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