Thursday, January 22, 2009

9:55 PM Post

Tonight I'm catching up on my reading: Metroland, The Capitol and The Final Call (pictured)...

There's a fellow who is always out, rain or shine, winter-spring-summer-fall on lower Central Avenue in Albany, selling print copies of The Final Call. The Jan 27 issue is all about Obama, it seems, and with a very positive slant. There's an interview from B.E.T. with Minister Louis Farrakhan about the Presidential Inauguration. You can hear some excerpts at this link or to view the full BET Interview Click HERE.

At one point, interviewer Jeff Johnson asked Minister Farrakhan "Is there any truth to the fact that an Obama election means that America is becoming less racist?" to which HMLF replied "Yes. The nitty-gritty is probably the same, but America is changing. Again, that pits more burden on us.

Barack represents Black excellence. Michelle obama represents Black excellence. As a family, they represent Black excellence. It's very hard for you to accentuate White Supremacy in the face of Black Excellence."

Earlier in the evening I was driving back from the Heldebergs, listening to Michael Savage on the radio (The Savage Nation). Savage brought up something important: he mentioned that talk-show host Larry King seemed proud that his (King's) son "wished he was black." I agree with Savage that people should accept and love themselves for who they are, not try to be someone they are not. I remember a few years back there was a term "Whigger" which describes a certain person who wishes he/she were someone else and has acted upon that wish. Keep in mind that for decades, many blacks wished they were white, and whites wished they were Asian, and Asians wished they were... and some men wish they were women and some women wish they were men... old people wish they were young and youngsters can't wait to get old... why are we not satisfied with who we are? Anyone?

Here's another as blogged by Michelle Malkin - Robert Reich: Keep stimulus money away from skilled workers and “white male contractors” Hah? Michelle has some quotes from Reich's blog accompanying her post.
Moving right along, in the latest issue of Metroland, I find my horoscope:
If you use a cell phone, you have in your possession a metal called coltan, a component that's essential to the phone's function. Most of the world's coltan comes from the Congo, and is mined by Rwandans who survived their country's genocide in the 1990s. They often work for militias that sell coltan illegally to finance their military operations. It so happens that the land where this metal lies is also the home of the Mountain gorilla, an endangered species that is being decimated as the miners and militias kill them for food and savage their habitat. Keep this in mind the next time you call a friend. While you're at it, Scorpio, use Google and your imagination to meditate on the origins of all the important resources in your life. It's prime time to know more about their origins. You will benefit from getting familiar with the roots of whatever gives you power.
Hmmm... that seems to fit just right... makes sense... I guess...

Going online now... a lot seems to be happening on my Facebook account (as opposed to my MySpace, which is pretty static right now) ... Yup - I see a ton of new information on Facebook... I'm thinking of switching my cell phone from the Kyocera Wild Card (which I love) to the Helio Ocean, with which I can connect to MySpace and Facebook, as well as take still pics AND video, and upload that video to my YouTube account if I like! I'm thinking the phone will be a nice companion piece to my new notebook computer (if and when i get THAT next month)... One of my resolutions for the new year is to keep a better handle on my finances, and I must say things are falling into place... I'm saving and investing... I'm practicing PATIENCE in that I have vowed not to "jump into" a decision too quickly.

Tomorrow (Friday) should be quite busy as the media prepares to meet New York Governor David Paterson's choice to fill the senate seat vacated by our now US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. I won't even venture a guess as to who the lucky new senator will be!

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