Sunday, January 25, 2009

Model loses hands, feet, life...

Life is like a monster sometimes. "Death comes like a thief in the night," "Only the good die young," (insert your own cosmic explanation here).

RIP Mariana Bridi

Incredibly beautiful 20-year old Brazilian model Mariana Bridi's feet and hands were amputated as a result of a severe and drug-resistant infection. She has since passed. Twice she came close to representing Brazil in the Miss World competition. Her death attributed to complications related to a rare form of septicemia caused by the bacterium Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

The Espirito Santo State Health Secretariat released a statement noting that the bacteria was known to be resistant to multiple kinds of antibiotics.

Bridi had been in the hospital since the third of January.

From the AP story: "Bridi had been in the hospital in the city of Serra in southeastern Brazil since Jan. 3. She fell ill in December and doctors originally diagnosed her with kidney stones, local media said.

Doctors originally diagnosed her with kidney stones in December, local media said. But as her condition worsened, she was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection that spread."

The infection reduced the oxygen in her limbs, requiring her feet to be amputated last week and her hands this week. Doctors have no idea as to what cause the infection.

Doctors removed part of Bridi's stomach as they tried to contain internal bleeding. At the time of her death, she was no longer breathing on her own.

Horrible. Awful. Terrible. Unfathomable. Sad. Scarey. Imagine this is the slow beginning of some sort of malady that may be the 21st century equivalent of the flu epidemic, the one that took out a large chunk of the world's population in the early 1900s. Like Polio did up until 1954, Like Aids did in the 1980s, influenza frightened people and baffled doctors.

I'm NOT suggesting you worry about that happening. I AM suggesting that you take a moment to appreciate your own life and those of the friends and family around you. Be glad that your song and dance has not yet ended, and prepare for the day that it surely will.

And say a prayer for Mariana's soul. She must have gone through hell the last three or four weeks.

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Anglo-Libyan said...

my God, this is awful, poor girl, I just cant imagine the suffering this young lady went through.
my thoughts are with her family.

Imelda said...

horrible indeed. i commiserate with her family.

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