Wednesday, January 28, 2009

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RIP John Updike

A disturbing story appearing in newspapers around the world about a distraught man (Ervin Lupoe) who massacred his family is deconstructed by Michelle Malkin. If you read nothing else today, read THIS!

The Rohingya have been called “trafficked victims”, “refugees”, “forced migrants” and “illegal migrants”. The Irrawaddy provides a comprehensive background to the situation of the Rohingya. This issue has involved Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Bangladesh and even the United States.

A message on Twitter calling upon Arabs to stop saying Israel has snowballed into a movement across the Arab world, in this latest twist of the ongoing online war following the Israeli bombing of Gaza. Anas Qtiesh reports from the front lines.

Too Much Noise On Twitter? Filttr Will Tell You What’s Worth Reading - Twitter is a great resource for information, useful links, breaking news and status messages from your friends or companies you're interested in...

Jen Chung: Post Pinocchios Paterson Over Leaks

Video to go: Jessica Simpson's FORBIDDEN "Workout Video" can be checked out here!

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