Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dave to Disqus: HELP!

I'm sending out an SOS to the folks at Disqus (and others) looking for help in getting the Disqus commenting system up and running on my humble blog! (See: Frankenblogger) I found a tutorial on webdev, but being without my two best computers, I don't have the resources to follow through and implement the changes. I tried to tinker via a friend's computer but it wasn't set up the way I like mine and the blog template got all screwed up (ALWAYS keep a back-up! I do - right in my Gmail and another email service, so it'll never get 'lost' and I will never need a CD to cart it around on!) Well, actually, I keep a copy on CD and another on diskette, but that's just for extra security, y'know?

Here's an excerpt from the email I sent out to Disqus, to which they haven't yet replied:
Hey Folks!

I have your Disqus on my blog, but it is screwed up....
I have attached a copy of my template BEFORE adding Disqus.

I used the Generic code: part one within the actual individual post and the other just above /body as suggested.
Problem is, if I add another post, it carries the same comments thread. So I have left it on that one post only (about Rihanna)

Can you tweak my template? (Please do not remove Blogspot or Haloscan comments options!)
While I am hopeful Disqus may be able to help, after reading through some of the online forums it has taken them as long as six weeks to respond to cries for help emailed by other potential users, and after checking the BLOGS that these users wanted help with, NONE were using Disqus currently... I hope that's not a bad omen!
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Chris said...

Hi Dave,

If you don't hear back from Disqus, please note that we are happy to help you out with comments at

If you ever have any questions, email We should get back to you within 24 hours worst case.

Hope this helps!



Michael said...


Sent you an email.

Community Manager

Bekah said...

just stumbled across your site searching for blogspot users using disqus.. did you ever get this resolved? i have the template installed according to the instructions on their site (or so I think...) but nothing is showing up saying "Disqus"... and the few comments I've received aren't showing in disqus.. thinking something isn't working!
Let me know if you ever resolved the issue and/or are using it! Thanks!

hanum said...

I like disqus, light interface comment. It's good. Nice to know you

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