Thursday, March 26, 2009

Around The Blogosphere 26 March 09

What can women's handbags hold? Mathilde knows!

Dallas Penn posted RAEKWON x DOOM + U.F.O. = YOU DO THE MATH… "The new DOOM album is supplanting KanYe West’s ‘808s & Heartbreak’ as the musical inspiration for the diabolical BLU CHEEZ TV music video series."

Esteemed online voices @LeoLaporte and @DaveWiner are sounding the alarm about Twitter's increasing platform dominance. “It’s a very dangerous network because it’s all centralized,” Winer said. The LA Times blogs that the Geek warriors are plotting to overthrow Twitter!

Via StreetsBlog:
The next generation of community-driven reporting of quality-of-life issues -- like potholes, graffiti, garbage buildup, or broken street lights -- is SeeClickFix, software that enables users to populate a map with cases that are then forwarded to the responsible city agency. Much like a 311 system, SeeClickFix is predicated on the assumption that an aware and engaged public that uses technology can get its city government to efficiently resolve problems.

Apple Mac malware: caught on camera via — Pob in our analysis labs blogged earlier this week about a new variant of the RSPlug Trojan horse for Mac OS X that he had written protection against. One of the ways in which the OSX/RSPlug-F Mac Trojan horse is being distributed by hackers is in the form of a poisoned HDTV/DTV program called MacCinema.

Linux bloggers are typing If It Scares Microsoft, It's Good For Everyone Else!

I wonder: Are IE8 Users Downgrading or Just Going Back to Work?

Miss Info uploaded Mos Def “Words” (Ecstatic promo) Directed by Coodie & Chike

Michelle Malkin revisits Ann Compton’s stupid question "Could I ask you about race?"

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Imelda said...

trojan viruses hit me twice already and left me twice helpless, too. when can i avenge for this defeat?

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