Monday, March 23, 2009

MediaWatch 23 March 09

There but for fortune... condolences to friends and family of George Weber. The longtime WABC newscaster turned ABC News freelancer and blogger, was found stabbed to death at home in Brooklyn. George was 47.

For years, newspaper executives whined that parasitic bloggers thrived by merely linking to newspaper stories. But they're no longer linking enough: Newspapers now demand Google rig its link-counting system in their favor. [Gawker]

According to Buffalo Geek, the problem with Journalism is...

Even Facebook Employees Hate the Redesign

Bloggers and users of Twitter from El Salvador are planning a get-together called Twittblogs on March 29

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sweet_shelo said...

Oh that is sad to know about George Weber being found stabbed to death..

Hey Dave, thank you so much for the advise on pop-up brought by rank I managed to remove the widget, i hope the pop-ups are truly gone.

Can you advise me please if those are really gone by checking my site? And by the way Dave, hope you could link with me now. Thanks thanks a lot really.

QueithCita said...

Thanks for the trackback ^^
Greetings from El Salvador.
The twittblogs Reunion was great ^^

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