Monday, March 23, 2009

Patience (Paciencia...)

It's been some time since Bettina Perroni was featured on my blog! And here she is with Paciencia...

According to Wikipedia, patience is a skill that takes some hominids (Bonobos and humans) to be able to endure any misfortune and difficulty. According to the philosophical tradition, "It is the courage against the evil, and despite the suffering, the man will not be overcome by it”

Thus, we can say that the patient becomes stronger gradually, while the strong always be known patient. Being patient requires an increase in strength when in a logical way naturally fell.

... (Minutes mind blank with absolute silence and I read it again, again, again)

Indeed, patience is not exactly one of my virtues.
I understand that patience is not to seat down and suffer in a passive way while the miracles happen. Oddly, I noticed that the patient images are consistently associated with a chair. Rather, I understand the patience is the grace to wait but investing the energy productively in such a way that seems to reduce the time for the realization of the goal. In a few words it is the fact to act not by impulse but using the brain.

True or not, it is the conclusion which I have after the hard task of learning to be patient, to control my anxiety because I discovered that the opposite, namely, impatience and lack of control, are the wrong path that has led me to undesirable destinations.

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LuLLy, reflexiones al desnudo said...

Desde mi blog: Reflexiones al desnudo

Serenidad y paciencia.

Hugs again!

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