Saturday, March 28, 2009

Quick Links 28 March 09

How are YOU handling the "economic crisis" ? - Global Voices' Mong Palatino offers us a Global Recession Survey: Survival Tips and Business Opportunities... while Michele Malkin dishes out some tough talk in The coming G20 riots & the spread of mob rule. Live in New York? Get ready to pay more!
Readers: just a few stops in the blogosphere for you today as I am ultrabusy, having swept though (and gotten swept up in traffic) New York City on Friday and on the way to Washington DC today, with barely a moment to THINK let alone sleep or blog! Ah, life!
Ripped from Drudge: UN CLIMATE SCHEME: Reordering world economy, trillions in wealth transfer, sweeping 'industrial relocation'...

Mutant Palm is pretty sure that China can't create a Chinese Al Jazeera. Why? Check THIS out!


Don't forget about EarthHour!

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Imelda said...

Thanks very much for the for the link dave! hope ur doing just fine in washington DC!

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