Thursday, April 16, 2009

Adventures of Kari Ferrell in New York City

NEW May 15 '09 - Keri was in court today - looking "not so hip" in her orange prison garb, will be returned to Utah to face charges including forgery, writing bad checks, and theft. The Observer says "Utah now has 30 days to come pick up Ms. Ferrell, but the governor of Utah, Jon Huntsman, must first sign the extradition order. If no one from Utah comes to get her within 30 days, she has the right to habeas corpus, meaning that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania could decide it no longer wishes to keep her, and let her go." Gawker says she LIED IN COURT!!!

UPDATE MAY 10 2009 - The Hipster Grifter has been captured by police --- NObody seems to like the guy who helped lawmen bring 'er in!

UPDATE MAY 1, 2009!!! Keri on VIDEO!!! She's still hanging out in Brooklyn. To all you people who haven't spotted her even once in the last two weeks: shame on you.

Not for those easily offended: Here is a full-size screenshot of Kari's MySpace, preserved by the amazing Gawker!
People often amaze me! Some are so bold they can do ANYTHING! Could there be a lesson in the Kari Ferrell story for all of us?
NEW 4/18/09 Hipster Grifter Kari Ferrell's old roommate says "She just texted me two days ago to talk about the Utah Jazz." And other fun facts! Oh and she already has a celebrity impersonator!
Kari's friend blogs

NUDE pix of Kari!

Here she is on flickr!

New York Observer UPDATED story.
The Kari story reminded me of the movie "Funny Games" and the real life case of little Sandra Cantu, murdered by a Sunday School teacher, both of which demonstrate how vulnerable we really are as we walk around the world!

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