Monday, April 20, 2009

Pop Clips 20 April 09

Tweetie For Mac: A Powerful, Native Twitter Client For The Masses

Miss Info
goes off-topic to post about Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Nicole Richie Blogs About Britney Spears Concert!

Annie Paul penned a post on piracy...

Pirates of another sort: Room Eight takes us on a trip to New York City's culinary red light district!
If you're in New York City today, heads up: between 3:30 and 5 this afternoon, there's FREE FOOD as restaurants hand out samplings as part of the "Taste of Morningside Heights" food festival - go to Broadway and 116th St. (Columbia U Low Plaza)
Been chatting away without abandon on your cell while driving? If you're doing that in the State of New York, watch out! But, if you're NOT driving... A mobile app is reportedly on the way for HULU that will let users watch full TV shows and movies on their iPhone over 3G and Wi-Fi.

Eliot Spitzer's old Madam claims the Craigslist Murder victim was a staffer...

NSFW: nude photos of Kari Ferrell, the so-called Hipster Grifter!

Via Liz Benjamin: Eliot Spitzer sought in a Newsweek interview to answer the "why is she still with him" question and also did not rule out a future run for political office.

...But he dodged on whether he has seen a shrink.

Charles Gasparino blames Spitzer for AIG's troubles.

Bernard Leong shares his reflections on the recent Barcamp Kuala Lumpur 2009. He writes: Other than technology, we have topics ranging from social & youth entrepreneurship, corporate brands with social media, bloggers, to even salsa dancing.”

Quote of the day: When cop asks "Have you been drinking? Your eyes are red." Don't answer "Have you been eating donuts? Your eyes are glazed." - Dan Weaver

Happi like a Hippo gives a list of protest videos uploaded by Thailand's Red Shirt protesters on YouTube.

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It has been awhile since I was here. I hope you are doing fine. How does a glazed eye look, lol?

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