Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Around The Blogosphere 24 June 09

Neda was shot in the heart last Saturday during a protest of thousands against the Iranian presidential election results that declared Mahmoud Ahmadinejad president. Her death was captured on video by bystanders and uploaded to the internet. She died with her eyes wide open, and her last moments reached millions of people. Global Voices' Hamid Tehrani uploaded a link and video-rich post about this young Iranian and the possible consequences of her death.

NOT EVERYONE BELIEVES IN NEDA: Gary Trieste deconstructs the "Neda death video"...
Shortly into the video, we see blood coming from her mouth. She is not sputtering it out, or coughing it up, as in an inability to breathe. Rather it appears rapidly and self flowing, and runs down both sides of her mouth, almost exclusively. Her center teeth aren't even stained.

Shortly thereafter blood appears to pour out her right nostril . . . Looking carefully in the video, it appears that both the mouth and nostril bleed occurs right after a hand is seen pushing up onto or into them.

These flow patterns appear more to be from a blood bladder timed for rupture when the camera was in the correct position. And the nose bleed appears only after what appears to be a rapid slight-of-hand insertion of blood into her nose.

Conveniently, an anonymous doctor was on hand to provide the CPR, and to try to save her life, provide credible medical testimony, then disappear from the scene.

Now I am nitpicking, but this video was supposedly shot with a cellphone videocam. It really seems a bit too high quality for that, more like a DV camcorder.
Interesting theory... what do YOU think?

Bai-Ling is a cover girl! Here's the link to the mag: as of Weds AM they didn't have the new cover up yet.

Jealousy and the fear that accompanies it is never a good thing! Ya gotta be strong! Unless you work for MTV, that is!

This is it for hip-hop: DJ JS-1 makes an appearance on Regis & KellY! (Video).

Gawker's Gossip Roundup leads off with Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minillo...

In New York State politics chaos, Buffalo Pundit suggests the entire State Senate be let go...

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Joops said...

Oh that's pretty bad, she's pretty!

Imelda said...

I havent seen the video yet dave but do u think that thingy would be faked? I was here dave. i was off for a conference in a small island. ty for the visit!

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