Monday, June 29, 2009

Bloggers Blogging From Iran

"My friends and I like to look like any other teenager around the world, and wished we could wear the colors or the style of clothing we like. It seems unfair and cruel that our basic rights are taken away from us."-Nazanin

Over the weekend, the following appeared in one of my "Around The Blogosphere" posts:
Amazing blog of 19-year-old from Tehran: "I am a 19 years old female student and a blogger in Iran. This blog will reflect my life and the social struggles that young Iranians face. Last week I was contacted by a journalist Victoria Kennedy in the United Kingdom who wanted to do an interview about the recent events in Iran. She found me through my blog."
Victoria Kennedy's article aroused my curiosity, so I decided to try to contact Nazanin, author of the blog "My Diary From Iran."

I told her that I read the newspaper article about her, and found her blog. I wasked her if she could tell me how young people in Iran use and interpret social media... like twitter, youtube, Facebook...

I also wanted to know if she and her friends were affected by the death of Michael Jackson or any other US celebrities?

And I wondered if Iranian pop culture ties were closer to the US, Europe or Asia? What songs and TV shows are most popular among people in their teens and twneties in Iran? Popular books, movies and magazines... that sort of thing. Nazanin wrote me back!

Hi Dave
nice talking to you.its my pleasure to help u in your blog.but my english in not that much good :D i hope u undrestand
well we use internet and social medias like others all around the world.we connect through Dial-up or DSL.we don't have black berry or broadband or stuff like that :D

i can remember when i was 13 or 14 i used orkut,then they blocked it and we used hi5 ,again they blocked and every time we found a new way to connect people all around the world,then we start using yahoo 360, tagged,myspace,facebook and twitter. now facebook and yahoo 360 and twitter and youtube are the most popular among iranians.infact facebook and youtube and twitter are block and we have to open them with proxy with lots of problems but we insist on using them and we share the latest news together.

if you see my facebook home page you can see all of myfriends are talking about the protesters and what happend to them and lots of pictures and movies about them.

yesterday all of my friends were sad about king of pop dead.u could undrestand it from their walls.he was very popular here in iran.infact his boddy is not among us anymore but his voice is alive for ever!

you asked about celebreties,yes ofcourse we follow their news too like others and we listen to their lates songs on the satelite chanels like MTV,Viva,Pmc and many othere chanels but the most popular for song are these.even sometimes we don't undrestand the meaning but we follow and show interest.

we also follow latest fashion on TV MOda,Fashion Tv and ... inspite of we can not reach many of those brands here in my country.and many of youngs try to wear the latest fashion. i myself want to be a fashion designer oneday.but we don't have any fashion design courses here.

culture: i think my culture is mixed up.some likes U.S and try to think and treat like them,some like Europe and some like Asian.but we all are iranian and we have 2500 years civilization.

we also follow the latest hollywood movies on screen.the Cinemas don't show them but we buy them on the cd that are not illegal but you can find them everywhere secretly.

you also asked about books and magazines.we have our books and magazins on stores (i mean iraninan books and magazins)but we don't have foreigner magazines so much bcs the government don't allow for import .but if you search you will find some but maybe not so updated :D

So that's it: the moral of the story here is that the ever-shrinking "small world after all" is really getting compressed! The free-flow of information brings people closer, and nurtures the desire for freedom!

And GUESS WHO ELSE likes to blog? Check out The Official Blog of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran - in Persian, English, Arabic and French. And if you get a chance, read my recent post entitled "I'm Glad Ahmadinejad Won". Here's another excellent blog post I found: Answering Your Iran Questions - Nicholas D. Kristof Blog - if you enjoy poetry, Speed of Life: Poems for the People of Iran by Simin Behbahani ... Oh, and you absolutely MUST read Iran, the arrogance of Empire and the death of Michael Jackson By William Bowles

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  1. wow great post u have here, dave! raise the roof! u really went out of your way, but ur computer, to connect with what is happening in iran. geat job!


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