Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Merlin vs. the Moon

atching TV Sunday night... I decided to check out the new NBC series "Merlin"... although not all enthusiastic about it, as I viewed the first episode at 8pm, I got drawn in, charmed by the cast, if you will. At 9, ABC scheduled a movie, "Impact," about the moon wreaking havoc as it drew closer and closer to earth. Once I saw the special effects of cars lifting off the ground, it was back to "Merlin," as NBC decided to run a second ep in tandem. I didn't worry about going back the moon... maybe I've watched too many disaster movies. And this particular moonie flick's script simply wasn't plausible.
I'll tell you a true story. Years ago we had this old color TV, one of those TV/Radio/Phonograph consoles, big and heavy. The picture tube was one of the ROUND ones, just to give you an idea of the age of the set, which we purchased for $25 at a garage sale. A visit from the TV repairman to replace three or four tubes got it up and running, and we had it for three years total! One evening, we were watching the "mother" of disaster pictures, "The Towering Inferno." When it came to the scene where the skyscraper was buring and smoke was pouring out, REAL smoke beagn pouring out of the back of the TV set! It was one of those "uh-oh" moments! Quickly, myself and a guest who was over to watch the movie picked up the unit and we tossed it out the front door of the apartment! It soon burst into flames!
Truthfully, ABC's moon movie was totally unbelievable, while we've all heard of and know about the fantasy of King Arthur, Sir Lancelot, Merlin et al; it is much easier to believe (translate that to "get into") the tale of a young Merlin and Arthur before he was king, as presented in the NBC series. Somewhere on NBC.com one can watch previously broadcast episodes in the "Merlin" series. Perhaps that is where the viewer "entrapment" factor lies: here is the "missing" part of the story, the principal characters of Camelot in their early days, sort of like being a fly on the wall with the Beatles in Hamburg in 1961 and 2, getting a taste of something never before experienced or documented.

During some of the commercial breaks in the back-to-back "Merlin" screenings there were trailers for "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince," likely the fianl installment in the excellent series of Harry Potter films. I've really enjoyed them from the very first, especially watching the characters grow! Well done!

As for destruction of the earth, or cataclysmic disaster, NBC is showing "Meteor" in a couple of weeks. That movie may be more on target with what possibly could happen in the near future (and which has been prophecized): meteors or comet fragments possibly impacting land masses on earth. Remember, 3/4ths of our planet's surface is water. The old prophets forecast fragments would strike Europe, particularly France and Spain. A date that has been discussed surrounding such a possibility is 2012. Stick around and see!

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