Tuesday, July 14, 2009

7 Blogging Tips (That Didn't Work For ME and WHY!)

Blogger Jan Geronimo recently posted a batch of helpful tips for bloggers... helpful maybe for them, but certainly not for ME! According to Jan "The following is a compilation of your best ideas for Lio (a blogger Jan is attempting to help) and other bloggers who may be struggling to keep their blogs alive. " I've already tried (at various times in the past) most of these tips. They didn't work for me, and I will tell you WHY. My experiences are highlighted in RED.

Readers suggestions
  1. Advance posting. Rob Angeles suggests making full use of advance posting feature in WordPress – Blogger has this feature, too – and write several posts when Lio finds himself in a zone. These can be scheduled to be published one at a time. Except when blogger decides not to bother posting the saved posts. This happened to me once, which was enough!
  2. Writing in batches: Brad Shorr, George and Elmot stress the value of keeping a notebook for post ideas. Says Brad, “My goal is to have from 4-8 posts in draft form at all times. That way, if I get busy, I don’t obsess about writing more posts.” This also means making full use of down times to write your future posts. I've had experience with both Blogger and WordPress "losing" drafts. NO DRAFTS!
  3. Guest Post: Novz raises the importance of inviting readers to write guest posts for Lio’s blog. The advantages are two-fold. One, it will lessen the blogger’s work load, giving him more time to his other priorities. He gives exposure to his guest writer, planting the seed of blogging friendship and future collaboration. I've tried guest posts. It's hard enough for bloggers to get motivated enough to post on their own blogs without soliciting guest posts! I do have a post exchange relationship with my amiga Bettina Perroni. That has worked out very well.
  4. Photo Blogging: Novz recommends refocusing the blog to photo blogging. Earthlingorgeous says mobile blogging is a nifty way for very busy bloggers to update their blogs. With mobile blogging, one can take a picture of anything, write a couple of lines to go with it and post it in minutes. Unless for some reason either the mobile phone malfunctions or the e-mail gets screwed up. Like this. Details are HERE.
  5. Time management- Ulla, Chris, and Julius stress the importance of matching your passion with proper time management. If you’re passionate about something, you’d find the time for it. Wanna bet?
  6. Take a breakDee offers an insightful perspective. You get more things done by taking occasional breaks or rest. A rested brain and body are more receptive to learning and accomplishing even the most difficult of tasks. Don't break for too long or your blog will lose readership and can actually get de-listed from many blogwatching and reporting services!
  7. Post Less – Take it from Roy who has 13 blogs. Readers will not leave you even if you update your blog only occasionally. Make up for it by posting thoughtful and well-written pieces. But if you're building a brand and an online identity, post MORE, so the search-engine bots will visit your blog more frequently! Especially important if you expect those ads and pay-per-posts to make you any money!
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  1. It's nice that you've some measure of success with getting another blogger to write guest post in your blog. Congratulations.

    My list of tips, of course, is not a definitive list nor is it a catch-all solution for every bloggers woes. We stay what works best for us, right?

    So what has worked best for you, Dave? I'd be very interested your insights on this matter.

    And hey, thanks for a mention in your blog. Appreciate it very much.

  2. Hi Jan! What's worked for me? Hit and miss! I can write the most amazing post in the world and no one reads it. On the other hand, mere mention of "Leighton Meester" brings 400+ visitors in a 24-hour period. Go figure! Posts like "How to save youtube videos and burn them onto cds" have LEGS, baby! Days, weeks, months, years pass and they continue to attract new visitors every single day!

  3. It appears to me you have focused on the negative side and most you haven't tried. I'd say one should try first and then only can they say it didn't work for them.

    If the hit or miss thing works for you hooorah! You've found your niche but as Jan said what works for you doesn't work for everyone.


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