Thursday, August 27, 2009

Around The Blogosphere 27 August 09

via WNBC New York Blog::: Practice run for a possible terror attack on New York City? Check it out!

TechCrunch ::: Facebook Reiterates That You Can Reject Friends Without Looking Like A Jerk

Here we thought Facebook, Twitter and all those silly little websites were making our lives easier. Gawker says "Not so!" Also via Gawker:::Microsoft has restored a black businessman to its Polish website and offered "sincere apologies" for replacing him with a grinning white guy, using Photoshop MS Paint. (Photos included).

via ypulse:::Teens & Twitter [Again]: It's Developmental!

LJ user russos posts photos (RUS) of the newly renovated Kurskaya-Koltsevaya metro station in Moscow, which now sports this line from the 1944 version of the Soviet anthem: “Stalin brought us up - on loyalty to the people, he inspired us to labor and to heroism!” The post has so generated hundreds of comments; LJ user drugoi's post on the same topic has well over a thousand comments (RUS), and counting!

Dallas Penn :::Wu-Tang Clan, Again And Again…

To all of my fellow-reporters out there: here's a "must-have" accessory for your field kits!

Legendary Capital Region radio personality Bob Cudmore has a new gig...

Mohammad Ali Abtahi, a leading reformist blogger and former vice president, started [fa] to update his blog in prison. He says that the interrogation continues but he has very friendly relation with interrogator and protesters in prison know that there was no significant fraud in Iran's presidential election. - George Stephanopoulos was the White House Communications Director during part of President Bill Clinton's first term in office. In September 2002, Stephanopoulos became host of This Week, and ABC News officially named him "Chief Washington Correspondent" in December 2005.

Blogger author Sonia Faleiro's column appears on, entitled "Our Daily Bread." Sonia says "The weight of our collective inaction against corruption is bearing down. I can’t celebrate."

Génesis: Origen de mis pensamientos:::Coincidir... - Bettina Perroni: "Cuantas veces te pedí que no me buscaras, que no perturbaras mi sueño con tu recuerdo, que tu voz fuera como el eco que se apaga en la distancia y tu nom..."

Just when you think you know all there is to know, you find there is something you don't know. Blogger Betsy Newmark shares her thoughts on Ted Kennedy's passing... A Web site has been set up in Kennedy's memory.

Now think (and blog) about this: what if a human could have THREE PARENTS instead of two?

For fun: So U Think U Can Act? The Violin Version!
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