Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dangerous alli

Ms. Chao looks pretty healthy to me, but her page on the hydroxycut website has been removed and here's what remains of the cache: Weight-Loss Success Story Charlene Chao Weight Loss Transformation

Another weight loss drug (Alli) has come under FDA scrutiny following reports it caused liver damage. Previously. Hydroxycut was taken off store shelves. I spoke with HC pin-up girl and spokesmodel Charlene Chao, who used HC with great success. She said the product is safe when used as directed. Keep in mind she is in her 20s, so who knows whether age and general physical condition play a role in the human body's ability to process weight loss supplements. Here's a safe way to shed 5 to 10 pounds in less than 4 weeks: stop eating 5 hours before bedtime. If you get hungry, drink ice water. It doesn't take long to break the evening snack habit!

This message is from a Virgin Mobile customer. Enjoy.

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imelda said...

i am equally guilty wt this sis , too.

Kev said...

Taking weight loss supplements may work, but it may also not work. It is best to reduce our weight by eating a healthful diet and exercising regularly while keeping tabs on the scale. There's no easy way out for this. We shouldn't destroy our body when we're trying to make it look pretty. It's not weight loss - it's financial loss in the end.

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