Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pop Clips » 25 August 09

Bai-Ling is serving up hot kisses from the 'hot east'...

Lifestreamin' Steve Rubel has been seen riding around in an old beat-up van w/Guy Kawasaki...

Azerbaijan: Activist bloggers face additional charge as trial approaches. Doesn't 'Azerbaijan' sound like it should be in a "Harry Potter" movie?

http://twitter.com/KatyPerry - Singer/songwriter Katy Perry made a name for herself in 2007, but has making music since she was only 15. Her hit single "I Kissed A Girl" was pretty catchy. Did she or didn't she? Katy Perry also was in a bit of a tiff with British singer Lily Allen for remarks in which she called herself a "skinnier version" of her, saying she meant it as a joke. Allen retaliated and told a British radio station that she "happened to know for a fact that Perry was an American version" of her because their record company needed "to find something controversial and 'kooky'" like her. Whatever. Follow her on Twitter!

Serious: Little Green Footballs: "Scottish officials said they were releasing Lockerbie terrorist Abdel Basset Ali al-Megrahi for "compassionate reasons." Well, that ... and those Libyan oil contracts"

Joseph Farah: While the British government was freeing Al Megrahi, it was standing firm on its inexplicable, irrational and perverse decision to ban American radio talk-show star Michael Savage from entering its country.

Victor Davis Hanson:
"Strange things are happening to the Obama administration and quickly so. His polls are diving and may not stop at 50/50, the most precipitous drop in approval of a first-year President since Bill Clinton in 1993 (cf. Hillary care). First, here are some of the problems the President faces:"

Sports: The NY Giants may not be coming back to UAlbany...(this means we'll be able to hang out at the pond and run around the track again all summer long!)

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