Friday, August 28, 2009

TGIF! Friday wrap-up... 28 August 09

When I first heard about Colonel Khadafy's Campout in New Jersey I thought someone was quoting The Onion... Michelle Malkin posts her syndicated column on her website that "...rakes the State Department over the coals on its decision to grant Moammar Gadhafi entry into this country next month and its feckless efforts to accommodate his camping trip to New Jersey." Say, how many ways can you spell Qadaafi, anyway?
29.AUG.09 - IE6 USERS TAKE NOTE - you may experience a problem linking to Michelle Malkin's blog from this post. is her URL from which you can find any article, so you may need to type that into your browser. I have read that support for IE6 is being abandoned by many services and platforms. I ran a diagnostic after noticing problems with the posted article when going through IE6 and found code that is malicious, but only toward IE6. It seems to have been written specifically to discourage users of IE6 by making links undecipherable ONLY TO that particular strain of browsers. Sorry for any inconvenience.
When I was at work late this afternoon a story came over the AP newswire that there will be some re-evaluating of the Wrong-Way crash on the Taconic.[Family of NY wrong-way driver hires experts Newsday ] I've blogged extensively about the tragedy (probably because I was on the Taconic the day of the deadly smash-up and I actually missed BOTH wrong-way crashes that happened on the Parkway that fateful Sunday!
I've decided to cut the number of days articles appear on the "front page" of this humble weblog. I'm trying to cut the load time. It's very interesting the way this blog loads in different browsers. Not all features are available on all operating systems, but the items I consider most important are viewable and interactive across all platforms. The rest is window-dressing! Below you'll find a few more things that have caught my eye today.

Good news: Update: Local jockey Michael Straight's surgery a success...

And how about this, sports fans? Top 10 Incredible Circus Shots of the 2009 NBA Season watch!

Here's another from the pages of the Albany Times Union: An unlikely Twitter star is the story of a Glens Falls man who spends his days atwitter, hoping it will pay off! (You won't believe how many followers this guy has!)

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MORE: Feed from Social Media Breakfast

Laura discusses peace efforts in Sudan: “In the three days since the Sudan Now initiative launched, we’ve seen a number of bloggers and journalists qualify their reports of activist frustration by noting that the Obama administration has indeed been active in trying to address the multiple crises in Sudan”

In honoring Women's Month, Mighty African selects 10 songs dedicated to African women from different countries in Africa... Do you want to know where to find free wi-fi in Nairobi, Kenya? Read Rebecah's post on Changing Journalism blog.

How Our Ancestors Outlasted (and Ate) the Neanderthals!

Ramadan in the UK is a bit… different, writes Muhammad Karim, a South African blogger in the UK: “In the UK, specifically here in Epsom, there’s a community as well, albeit a younger, less developed one. So, in essence, it can be a little lonely.” New Theory for Why We Cry

The View from Fez reports on a mystery death on board a flight from Morocco.

5 Badass Movie Characters You Didn't Know Were Real People!!!

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