Tuesday, August 25, 2009


LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK OF WIBIYA TOOL BAR! Leave your report in haloscan comments, blogger comments or C-Box!

It's always good to try new things. Here's a new embellishment for your blog that offers promise, something I haven't been able to do: build a "community" .. I went to the webiste Monday night just after 8 and signed up to receive an invitation, which arrived in Tuesday morning's e-mail.

Wibiya.com provides easy creation of a bottom toolbar (floating to bottom) called Wibar, which enables bloggers to integrate services, applications and widgets of their choice into their blogs through customized web-based toolbars. Wibiya tools include:
Recent Post or Random Article
Sharing Options
Creating a community via Facebook Connect
Enabling Twitter alerts on a blog
Enabling post navigation
Best part:::It’s totally free

Follow wibiya @ Twitter to track latest developments.

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1 comment:

mcastel said...

Excellent. Do you have an invitation available? Thanks in advance... ;)

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