Monday, September 21, 2009


The clampi virus is in the news on Drudge today. Surprisingly it’s in Symantec’s virus database since January and rated as a low risk.

1) Make sure you are running antivirus software on your computer
2) Make sure you've got a Firewall installed on your computer
3) Download and install any critical updates and security patches from Microsoft
4) If you're using a Wi-Fi network at home, ensure it is password protected
5) When surfing the internet, do not click on any suspicious links
6) Consider using a prepaid credit card when shopping online, to isolate that account from your debit account or those used for online banking
7) If you do fall prey to Clampi, or other similar viruses, make sure you change password and login details for all banking and finance accounts that may have been compromised by the infection

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imelda said...

thanks for these tips. my lappy has an anti virus, i bought at best buy when i bought my lappy there in new york.

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