Monday, September 28, 2009

Philippines: Manila Flood, Ondoy, Social Media, Citizen Videos

It is morning now in Manila: the death toll in the Philippines from Tropical Storm Ketsana almost doubled overnight to 240 people ... STAR's 'Ondoy' fund drive on ... some are calling ONDOY The 'Katrina' of the Philippines. It is the worst storm to hit the region in more than 40 years!

Citizen videos captured horrible scenes of loss and devastation caused by a tropical storm which struck Metro Manila and nearby provinces in the Philippines last Saturday. One Filipino blogger listed other blogs that posted photos of flooded areas, traffic updates, information on relief goods, as well as online appeals for help to stranded victims. Some blogs used Google Maps to provide data on severely hit areas that should receive priority in relief efforts.

Twitter, Facebook help Philippines flood survivors flee ... Social networking sites are overloaded with poignant personal stories, photos and videos of the typhoon's aftermath. The stream of information soon became a “hub” for coordinating rescue and relief efforts for those who had access to the internet. Numerous tweets were exchanged to provide kept updates on relief efforts. One member initiated a personal campaign to solicit help and maintains a list of relief goods such as water and other basic food items.

ABS-CBN reports “Facebook is effective because there is a face behind every post that makes it credible to the reader. Since the one posting is presumably one's friend, there is greater trust. Of course, some friends are more credible than others,” shares prolific Facebook user Ateneo School of Government (ASoG) Dean Antonio La Vina. La Vina had to fly to Bangkok on Sunday to attend a climate change conference. But thanks to Facebook, the distance didn’t stop him from organizing the ASoG Task Force Ondoy. In a note posted on his page, La Vina on Monday created the task force that he envisioned would be “at the center of the national conversation on why this happened and more importantly what steps to take so that it never happens again.”

Singapore sends humanitarian assistance to Philippines

Local Filipinos mobilizing to help flood victims The Gazette (Montreal)

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C.Alv.B said...

Pray for them..I read the articles about the 18years old guy who saves 30people and the last one is a 6month year old baby girl which took his life..

marvin said...

Typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana) was one of the worst natural disasters to hit the Metro Manila area and the nearby regions of NCR (National Capital Region) in recent times. And now, more than ever, we must all come together to help save as many as we can from this catastrophe. Let us help Ondoy victims through Gawad Kalinga foundation.

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