Sunday, September 27, 2009


Unbelieveable! All summer long we endured many rainy days but few electrical storms. I love a good thunderstorm, and the one happening outside my window right now is a blast! I spent much of the afternoon monkeying around with my Fly-ying hiPhone in between bouts of cooking. I'll be glad to be back to work tomorrow!

This message is from a Virgin Mobile customer. Enjoy.

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Alan Plawtridge said...

I do love a good thunderstorm. I remember riding the train through the flatlands of East Anglia from King's Lynn to London, boared stiff at the lifeliss terrain.

Then - a thunderstorm! off in the distance. It was awesome. Due to East Anglia's inherent emptiness and flatness, I got to see the whole breadth of the storm. A beautiful sight indeed.

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