Saturday, November 28, 2009

Three Blog Night

It has been reported that most bloggers haveTHREE or more blogs registered. Most bloggers are using just one, the other two abandoned or rarely used. There are a few bloggers who are blog-juggglers, trying to keep 3 or more blogs in the air at one time... I've asked a handful of 3-blog bloggers why they think they need THREE when one will do, but they haven't answered.

I myself have three blogs: this one, my LiveJournal and Posterous. Due to technical difficulties with Posterous that may have roots in my cellular carrier, I rarely post on it. LiveJournal is for those once-in-awhile extra long and special posts that would just kill this blogspot blog.

So, anybody care to speculate on why bloggers would keep 3 or more blogs going at the same time, esecially when they could easily be consolidated (and perhaps gain more overall traffic and higher PR) into one?

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1 comment:

Angelique said...

Yeah -- Three completely different subjects! Even three completely different identities.

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