Monday, December 14, 2009

The Dragon Is Free

I've mentioned previously that Merlin has become my favourite television show. I've enjoyed magical tales since reading "Baba Yaga" as a child, and I've always appreciated mystery and intrigue with a little humour injected, as in the old Charlie Chan movies. I started watching Merlin over the summer when it waas picked up by NBC. In September, I continued to watch via BBC Scotland with many thanks to the kind netizens good enough to upload epsiodes.

Merlin is based on tales of the legendary King Arthur and His Court, as re-imagined by the Beeb. At a time when many shows reach a point we often refer to as "jumping the shark." Merlin takes a spectacular turn in plot in Season 2 Episode 12, which was broadcast over the weekend. King Uther's ward Morgana is now believed to be dead, poisoned by Merlin. And in keeping his promise to the dragon, Merlin has set the great flying serpent free (screen grab above).

Jolly well done! Merlin is all about sorcery and enchantment... this particular episode was quite enchanting in itself, the turn of events unexpected and quite amazing. In a true reflection of the way life sometimes unfurls, one realizes that everything that is happening is all about this moment, exactly as things go in real life. The writers, actors and other artists contributing to the show have done an extraordinary job with this particular ep, and from the looks of the preview (screen grab below)... "we ain't seen nothin' yet!"

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