Monday, December 14, 2009

Holiday Season Guest Post: It starts with an idea!

It's that most-wonderful time of year! Christmas comes the end of next week. Time to invite Guest-Bloggers in to contribute wonderful articles to enrich your reading experience and embellish this humble weblog during the holiday season. Did you know that more people are surfing the net and reading blogs between December 13 and January 13 than at any other time of year? This happens for a variety of reasons:

(1)People are "Googling" holiday-related materials, including recipes, Xmas carols, etc.
(2)People are "shopping online" and while shopping inevitably get on a website and land on a blog...
(3)People have more time "off" from work and school, and choose to spend that time on the net...
(4)Computers (especially netbooks this year) make great Holiday gifts, and of course the receivers of those gifts will be on the net Xmas day and several days to follow, as most schools aren't back in session until January 4th!
(5)Cellphones that are wifi-enabled are also being given as gifts and that means "mobile folks" who otherwise wouldn't be jumping on the internet, WILL be online via their iPhones and Blackberries etc. etc.

The first in this year's series of guest-blog articles is, appropraitely, regarding "guest posting" and comes from Blogger Julie Hubert! Thank-you, Julie!

It starts with an idea

Guest posting for someone can create a lot of questions before you find the answers. Something new and fresh, something outside your normal niche, make it powerful, make it real.

The first hurdle to get over is, I have no idea what to write. All of us have ideas, we usually shoot them down before they even get put to paper. While I was trying to come up with a viable idea to write about, a book literally jumped off my bookcase. Seth Godin’s, “Unleashing the Ideavirus”

Stop marketing at people and turn ideas into epidemics. Let them do the work for you is what he tells us. Blogging should be treated the same way. Don’t talk at people. Give them something they want to talk about. When we hold onto ideas as a prized possession, it can stifle the epidemic right off the bat. It makes it a competition rather than giving it momentum.

So here is an idea I have, but honestly don’t know how to get it off the ground. Not enough in my knowledge base. I would just like the idea to take off, someone take the ball and run with it. Make it a team effort rather than being the owner of the team that gets the $$ or the trophy just for owning it.

What if we took just a portion of the money earned by affiliate programs and invested it in public education. Affiliate for Kids. All the fundraisers that schools do to earn money for basics get old after awhile. Oh no, not another magazine subscription fundraiser!

I tried to be creative about this idea. Start a movement. Use affiliate commissions to fund the program. It would then donate money to a class or school to invest in earning more money via technology. Not just giving money to a school but teaching the kids how to use their ideas to give back.

There are obstacles that come with this idea, many as mentioned in Seth’s book. Some of them are the rules that govern public schools and how their donations actually come through the parent group which is a non-profit. I am sure there are ways around this that non-profits use, but I don’t know enough about this.

So I put the idea out there and see where it goes. The idea is free. Take it and run with it. That is how a virus starts. People expose other people to it and it becomes contagious. Bloggers have great ideas and opinions. If we focus on the ideas and getting them out there, rather than just the money, we could perhaps do a lot of good. Let me hear your thoughts and ideas about this.

Julie Hubert

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