Sunday, December 13, 2009

How to Get Daily Massive Blog Traffic

Guest Post by Ann Liu

It is the fact that almost all the inter­net users go online are look­ing for infor­ma­tion, not nec­es­sar­ily go and buy things. If they want to buy some­thing, before they make up their mind, they will use search engines to search the info first. To get traf­fic to your site, and make your blog be seen by them, fol­low­ing these tips can help you achieve it.
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If you have been in the inter­net mar­ket­ing for any period of time you would have heard this say­ing day in and day out — Con­tent is the king. Every inter­net mar­ket­ing man­ual has this as it’s mantra and rightly so. Bad poorly writ­ten con­tent is the death bell for all blogs that want to be taken seri­ously. Thus, you need to write arti­cles and blog­ging them to make your web­site full of orig­i­nal, rel­e­vant and use­ful con­tent, which related to your prod­ucts or ser­vices.

If you want your blog to be around for a while and you want read­ers to come in 5 years time and still find your con­tent rel­e­vant to them, write time­less con­tent is essen­tial, whether they read it in 3 months, 3 years or 30 years. Some top­ics how­ever, will always be time­less, find those, write on them.

In addi­tion, the other best way to get a sud­den burst of traf­fic is to write about some­thing that is hot right now or in the news. This is a great way to get a sud­den burst of really inter­ested traf­fic — watch­ing the news, or use online ser­vices like Google Trends, Yahoo Buzz or Ebay Pulse etc can help you do that.

When you write arti­cles for your blog, keep in mind of this — your main focus should be on writ­ing for humans, not for bots. Don’t try and repeat your key­words all over your blog posts to the point where it does not make sense.

Key­words stuff­ing might work some­times for search engine rank your site and you may get some extra traf­fic by doing it, but they won’t stay for long if the con­tent is obvi­ously geared for the pur­pose of search engine rank­ing. Peo­ple have a short atten­tion span and won’t waste their time read­ing the junk.

Besides that, there is noth­ing worse than read­ing a blog with no per­son­al­ity. Peo­ple like to read posts that are con­ver­sa­tion­al­ist in nature. They like to read writ­ings that are writ­ten at the 7th grade level. And they don’t want to read large words and hard to read sentences.

Peo­ple also like it when you talk to them one on one like an old friend, talk to your reader as if only one per­son were read­ing your blog. Hav­ing a unique per­son­al­ity will get you more traf­fic from peo­ple telling peo­ple (word of mouth) about your blog then any “traf­fic build­ing” technique.

To keep search engines, ping sites, and peo­ple inter­ested to con­tinue com­ing back to your site, you have to blog reg­u­larly. In the other words, if you don’t do it, they will lose inter­est and will not come to your website.

What I would sug­gest is that, at the very least, you should post once a week, two to three times would be bet­ter, but make sure that you don’t post every day all day. If you do that, it will make your site to search engines like a spam blog. Also make sure that you split your post times up, some weeks post on Mon­days, Thurs­days and Sun­days, other weeks post on the other days.

Finally, the design of your site also impor­tant, appeal­ing to the viewer and easy to read is essen­tial. Don’t use too bright colour, lots of graph­ics, tons of links or any­thing like that. Just keep it sim­ple, make it easy to access, and check your entire site to make sure that all the links on your blog are work­ing fine.

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