Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy B'Day Bettina's Blog!!!

"Sometimes I feel small when I discover millions of interesting stories. I started writing to give sense to my experiences. I walked and discovered that passions can be shared, that emotions can be lived and that reflections are never ignored if they are written.

That is how I got this way… sharing a few words that come out of my soul, by intuition and without any doubts are enriched by the magic of your presence.

I always live taking risks provided they can be measured, I love extreme sports and music, I am also a tireless traveller, altruistic, enthusiastic. I enjoy to cook, read about ethnic groups, play my guitar and love my familly and friends..." - Bettina Perroni

My dear blogging friend South of the Border, Bettina Perroni, recently celebrated her blog Génesis: Origen de mis pensamientos' 4th Birthday! Hola Betty! Congrats! Below you'll find the English version of Un ciclo mas...

The adventure of this blog started in January 10th, 2006, 4 years ago. A countdown and a brief presentation pushed me to write, without knowing where my words would be read. At that time I just wanted to express myself. Have a space to release the angels and demons that live inside of me, giving free rein to my imagination, raise my voice occasionally and satisfy my free will.

Genesis: Origin of my thoughts was created by impulses. In this blog I have immortalized joys and tricks, I have driven out few demons of my paradise and I have removed the dirt that tends to be accumulated when the thought is not renewed, leaving here pieces of conscience and inspiration.

To my surprise, I discovered that someone else was interested in reading my writings. That encouraged me to continue with this adventure to the point of becoming a wonderful escape mechanism. The literary harvest as of today is 56,000 references of this blog by Google, 37,300 references of Bettina Perroni on the Web, 1,285 users, read in 40 countries, 37th in popularity in Mexico, but especially a very good network of friends.

This is much more than I expected!!

... And despite the demands of real life have weakened its ranking (which I never aspired), a larger number, a number less does NOT takes away from me the satisfaction.

Four wonderful years have passed as normal. Resurrecting, reinvented, reborn and experiencing what happens to all human beings. Receiving as an inheritance the learning based on falls and illusions, unfeasible dreams, unsuspected situations but also pleasant experiences that leave a good taste in the mouth. That's how I taste this time ... Super delicious!

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Wow!! what a prssentation. THANK YOU for sharing your space with us.

Hope I can publish a pictures of us in NY soon ;)

Big hug!

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