Sunday, January 10, 2010

Healthy Choices for 2010!

Stay Sharp!

Hope you had a great weekend! Like me, you're probably getting mentally (and maybe physically) ready for Monday, and another work week. I spent some time in Manhattan shopping, and right now I'm at Saki Tumi's surfing the web on her Netbook! I joined the "Comment on My Tweets" Contest of the The Twitterer at for a chance to win real cash on Valentine's Day. Remember: every penny counts! Ask Suze Orman!

Today (Sunday, 11 January 2010) I read an article entitled Seven Steps to Reduce Mental Decline. I'm going to review the seven points and elaborate on them.

  • Stimulate your mind. Use it or lose it. Do puzzles, play games or try volunteer work. Spend more time on the computer. (More on that to follow!)

  • Keep moving. Be active. 20 to 30 minutes of daily walking may improve brain function, general health and lengthen life expectancy.

    I make it a point to walk at least 30 minutes a day, oftentimes more. When you walk, you get a whole-body workout. I mean just walk, not "jog" or "run." You see, when you "jog" you are jarring your feet, knees and hips, and that's not really good for you, UNLESS you're jogging on grass with proper footwear. Leave the running to the competitive runners. They know how to train thier bodies. Still, how many times do we read where Runner Joe X drops dead at the annual "Boilermaker" or "Turkey Trot." Find ways to make small changes in your daily routine to boost levels of activity involving more WALKING! One more thing: If you can balance your diet and physical activity you'll SLEEP BETTER, which will improve your health overall!

  • Control sugar and blood pressure. Diabetes and high blood pressure can damage vessels to and in the brain.

    What comes to mind here is BALANCE. You can eat and enjoy everything you want, in the proper proportions and balanced against other foods. Have a POSITIVE ATTITUDE about food and eating. Don't despiar if you think you're overweight or underweight. I include the following in my daily regimen: Coffee (at least one cup); Whole-Grain bread or oatmeal; dark chocolate; bananas (for the potassium value); a well-rounded dinner with protein and vegetables. I'm not afraid of dairy products. Remember: moderation! I use healthy oils and Smart Balance instead of butter/margarine. The only time I drink Coke or Pepsi is when I have Pizza topped with hot peppers! Additionally, I take a heart-healthy Bayer aspirin every morning and on days when I'm not satisfied with my diet I'll take one multi-vitamin supplement with dinner. A clove of garlic here and there, a glass of red wine with dinner, and that's it! After 7pm I drink cold water if I get hungry or thirsty. By the way, I love Welch's Grape Juice!

  • Eat your greens. Their B-vitamin folate can reduce blood levels of the amino acid homocysteine – which has been linked to an increased risk of dementia in older adults.

    This is certainly good advice for our chubby elected officials. All kidding aside, green salad can be a tasty treat, especially in spring and late summer, and in the winter I make it a point to serve green peas (frozen, not canned!) as often as possible.

  • Relax. Too much stress is bad for your overall health and increases production of the hormone cortisol, which can damage brain cells related to memory.

    Well, yeah - you need to find an outlet to reduce your stress. Different outlets for different people. (Like "different strokes for different folks!") I enjoy listening to music for stress relief. My buddy Harold releives his stress by taking a walk to his favourite bench in the park, where he "meditates" - there's also Yoga for the peace-minded among you!

  • Interact with other people. According to studies, high levels of social interaction can improve brain health and quality of life in general.

    Hmmmm... I wonder does that include social interaction via Facebook and Twitter and all of that? There was a study reported in the newspapers last week that the aging brain benefits from computer use and internet activity. :)

    TIP: Try not to interact with the criminal element of society. You might get thrown in one of those prisons where you only get an hour a day in the yard. Of course, you could bodybuild in the gym and get a law degree while you're incarcerated, so maybe it wouldn't be so bad after all.

  • Form useful habits. Some of these may be reducing your “memory load” by always keeping things such as keys and eyeglasses in the same place. Furthermore, develop healthy habits that keep you practicing the first six items in this list “automatically” and often.

    I'll make a note of that. Ever since I was 5, my Dad would say "You'd lose your head if it wasn't glued on."
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    1. I liked this one a lot. Exactly my philosopy on health - Balance. Have a great Sunday Dave.

    2. i am trying to keep healthy this year. thanks for these tips they are a great help.


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