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Major Celebration in NYC of Elvis's 75th birthday with free Fried Peanut & Banana Sandwiches given out in Greenwich Village with Elvis look-alikes and Impersonators that have autism and other disabilities performing in honor the King's birthday. The party will take place this morning at 11:30am at Ossco Bucco Restaurant located at of 88 University Place in Manhattan

The group of Elvis Impersonators that have autism and other disabilities will be dancing and singing along to the Kings greatest hits. They are part of the FREE (Free Family Residences and Essential Enterprises Theatre Arts Day Program)FREE's Theatre Arts Program uses the arts of music and dance as therapy to deal with there disabilities.

Elvis lookalikes from across New York City and the FREE players will be grooving along as well as blowing out the candles out of a cake in celebration of the Kings 75TH Birthday.

The restaurant will cook the kings favorite dishes like country friend steak with gravy and his infamous Fried Peanut & Banana Sandwiches from Graceland's official cookbook.

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imelda said...

davey elvis is my crush. he is 75 already? oh, i didnt know that. i would love to watch this celebration

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