Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pop Clips » 21 Jan 10

I can't see myself wearing this anytime soon! (Latest Fall 2010 fashions via New York Magazine! Meanwhile, NBC4 gets into the times & styles of Christian Siriano on his 2010 Fall Collection.

In the wake of the Mass Upset, politicians are in "re-thinking mode" ::: No doubt sending chills down Kirsten Gillibrand's political spine, Harold Ford Jr. took his first public steps outside of New York City this morning as he weighs a possible US Senate run. Liz B has it all...

Alexia Moore Strippers are on trial, so the tabloids are all over it. +Gothamist

When you pray - do you think anybody is listening? How about this one: Religious Item Prompts Scare On Jetliner... Here's what Saint John of The Cross has to say about those "religious items"...

Somebody, I think it was Bob Grant on WABC radio, maybe 8 or 9 years ago, said something about bad things rarely happening to bad people. As they say, only the good die young. Let's hope that's not the case regarding Britney Gengel.

Politicker NY asks "Why does the Times need 12 months before it introduces a metered system for charging readers for content? Or rather, why announce it so far ahead? Speculation that an announcement was meant to be timed to the release of the Apple Tablet..." aha!

Amanda Ernst blogs that Fortune magazine has tapped veteran business reporter, and former Fortune staffer, Daniel Roth to lead its Web site through an upcoming revamp.

More MainStreamMedia "altered images."

Spotted on a blog masthead: Life might get crazy but it is always entertaining!

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Lena said...

Sometimes I wonder which direction fashion is heading to... No answer.

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