Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pop Clips » 28 Jan 10

Looks like both rebelliousgirl and me love Cascada's song "Evacuate the dance floor"...

Recording Academy eyes future of downloads, mixtapes...

Uh-oh! Looks like Obama Girl has had a change of heart! Amber Ettinger (aka obama girl) on Fox's Sean Hanity as I type - talking about how she has fallen out of love with Obama.

A lot of chatter about JD Salinger, his death and his book "Catcher in the Rye" - Here's an old article on the book, and why today's teens think that Holden Caulfield needs Prozac.

Interesting view spreading on the net. The iPad may find its best customer base among the middle aged and elderly. There are some women who are offended by the name "iPad" because to them it sounds like some sort of feminine hygiene product. Ooooo-K! Meanwhile, Adobe Calls Out Apple for Lack of Flash on iPad. The Flash Blog » The iPad provides the ultimate browsing experience?

Grain terror: "Bomb ingredient" found mixed with rice from Vietnam: At least 48 sacksworth!

Hmmmm... I wonder just what it is ... "The best-kept secret in Albany"????
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JENIE said...

whoa! fall out of love of obama? ;)

hope you can come and see my latest post and comment on these Filipino's im truly proud of;)

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