Friday, January 01, 2010

So This is 2010 - My 2 Cents

While waiting for the ball to drop in NYC Times Square via TV, we noticed that ABC was broadcasting about 7 seconds ahead of NBC. So, we turned on the set in one room, watched the ball drop then ran into the other room to see it drop "LIVE" immediately again.

Poor Dick Clark. Young people not familiar with the former Utica NY DJ were making fun of his speech and cracking comments like "he must be representing special ed." Kids apply that "Special Ed" tag quite a bit. I haven't heard anyone say "he's so gay" in a long long time.

I'm really sick and tired of hearing the "public service announcement" about "he's so gay" - what utter nonsense! Much ado over a saying that no one says anymore! I've heard people utter "groovy" more in the past three months! Funny part is, the "don't say gay" PSA runs on WRPI and on WGY, which broadcast it last night during a surprise LIVE appearance of Michael Savage, who was on a one-man rant / warpath against "the idiots in charge" - he leveled more than a few barbs at Homeland Security Czar Janet Napolitano "trying to look tough by appearing on CNN wearing leather." If Savage could have heard that PSA he would have gone thru the roof! I must agree with Dr. Savage on one thing: it's utterly stupid for security to be checking Granny's bra and baby's diapers while they "look the other way" at certain individuals who are boarding aircraft "so as not to appear to be engaging in any racial profiling." Shortly after 9/11 I witnessed a woman with small child at an airport forced to take the baby's clothes off while the contents of her suitcase were dumped on the floor so a dog could sniff them. I overheard a "security" person tell her "we have to do random searches."

The economy, sick as it is, is going to get sicker, IMHO. This airport security thing will help convince people that it's not worth it to fly unless you really really have to. The price of oil is now on its way up again, taking gasoline along for the ride. The Feds are giving General Motors Acceptance Corp. more money (AW, because they were 'hurt' by the crappy mortgage loans they wrote) - yet the same GMAC, the same banks, and even local banks like Trustco in the Capital Region, refuse to lend money to families who really want and need a HOUSE and for God sakes, if they've been up on their rent payments for the last ten or twenty years, why the hell would they buy a house if they weren't going to keep it? (Unless it's one of those crappy bank loans where your rate "adjusts" from $900 a month this year to $2500 a month next year, which is why so many American families have lost their homes in the past 18 months! The same greedy banks who will slap your checking account with a $30 fee if you accidentally go 2 cents over your balance a few hours before your direct deposit goes in!!!)

In the Capital Region, the geniusses at the CDTA continue to wonder why bus ridership is down. (They love to blame the fact "the price of gas went down" so people went back to driving.) Well, I ride the bus myself. Hiking the fare from $1 was a wrong move at the worst possible time. It's easy to get a dollar to catch a ride. It was easy to pay $35 for a monthly weekday bus pass. It's NOT easy to pay $55 for that same pass, and I haven't bought one since the hike. I buy the 13-ride pass and I walk a lot more. And in the frigid temperatures, NOBODY wants to wait 20 minutes for a bus to show up, and then FIVE of them going in the same direction hit the bus stop at the same time. That's ludicrous! Why not "Stagger" the coaches... let one out of the gate at 1pm, another at 1:07, then 1:15, 1:20 - how difficult is that to figure out? And do what the old United Traction Company did - have a couple of busses on standby, ready to roll on time if the bus coming from uptown (that has to loop around and become the bus going uptown) gets delayed. Nope. The "price of gas" makes a better scapegoat, as does blaming "the lack of funding" from the government.

JOBS - we all hear the job market is improving, there aren't as many layoffs. What they're NOT telling us is how many individuals have "fallen off the radar screens" because their unemployemnt has run out.

WARNING - Similar incidents, different circumstances, but, the White House Party Crashers, The Nigerian Undy-Bomber and that dude that blew himself up along with a bunch of CIA people demonstrate the ease of circumventing security. Demonstrate that with a little determination, evil will be done. What next? An American City gets nuked because once again, somebody isn't doing their job? I'm not trying to frighten you, but gee whillikers! Somebody PLEASE get on the ball!

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  1. i hope the recession will be over soon so jobs wouldn't be hard to find at all


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