Sunday, February 14, 2010

12 X 12 ::: Hottest Blogging Babes 2010

This year's Top Ten may shock you! It's expanded to 12 - a dozen hotties!
Why 12? So you can order a calendar, of course! JK! LOL!

Once hunted by "witch-doctor assassins" - Mombasa-based Mwanaisha Abdalla a.k.a Nyota Ndogo (Kiswahili for Small Star) is one of East Africa's leading singer-songwriters. Her weblog has been running for 3+ years. Another blogger who uploads to youtube, Nyota blogs everything about herself as an artist from a personal perspective. Early in 2009 she created a scene in Mombasa’s Mwembe Tayari market, when she confronted a man who called her a whore. She also engaged in what African press labeled a "feud" with DJ Pinye. Nyota is one of the new faces "head hunted" by Baraka FM to join its on air personalities! Her blog has been quiet for a few months. Maybe she'll post when she gets a break from performing.

The popular Chinese actress aka the "most widely read blogger in the world" Xu Jinglei goes down in history as the girl who exposed Technorati's complete lack of credibility or meaningfulness. And let that be a warning to YOU. Don't throw the netbook out the window when your PR drops to 2. It's BS, not PR!

Behind that Mona Lisa smile, Liz Benjamin knows things that you and I don't... the New York Daily News columnist / blogger has been a regular on our list for more than a few years now!

The world's favourite cat-butt sniffer boasts a legion of fans. Shokotan's Blog began in November 2004, and in June 2009, the number of updates per day reached as high as 231. Do I sense the presence of a "staff" or is this kid just bloggazooey? Anywayy, Shoko is credited with creating Sukashi Kashipanman, a parody of costumed Japanese superheroes.

Kimberly, Kimberly, Kimberly --- "growing up" right before our eyes --- makes you wonder if she'll still be blogging in 10 years (if there ARE blogs in 10 years!) Her narcissistic rants have morphed into more serious adult topics with a little twist of humour and a "hands-on" approach to life, Kim's blog is simply outstanding! *HINT* mouseover and click on the pictures of any of the 12 wonderful lady bloggers and you'll be taken to special destinations!

Checking in at #7 is the lovely and all-knowing Miss Info aka Minya Oh. Formerly a writer and reporter for BET, Miss Info is currently an on-air radio personality at the New York City hip hop / R&B station Hot 97. She is also a journalist who has worked for the notable hip hop industry publication The Source. Oh was a Music Lifestyles editor at Vibe Magazine (where she presently pens the monthly advice column "Ask Miss Info"), Rolling Stone, and a former Managing Editor for XXL. She has appeared as a popular culture pundit on the weekly VH1 program, Best Week Ever.

French rapper / blogger / superstar Gen-Si has opened her career to us, which we eagerly follow every day on It's not often one gets a glimpse of an artist "coming up" - Merci, gen-Si, and the best to you in 2010!

Wannabe like Xiaxue? Meet the master!- Monica Tang

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

Monica has been around, making a splash in her own special way... over the past six months this Norsewoman's presence in the blogsophere has been kicked up a notch! Here's a snippet of self-confidence, from Miss M

Skrevet om meg

Er det ikke sånn at man får et mer realistisk bilde av en person om det er andre enn personen selv som kan beskrive dem? Dette er en samleside der hvor dere kan finne linker til andre steder på nett der hvor jeg er blitt nevnt. Kanskje bare i en liten setning, liste men kanskje også et helt innlegg. Sortert etter dato de ble publisert.
Jeg får trafikk når jeg blir linket til, og jeg vil gjerne gi litt trafikk tilbake. Derfor har jeg satt opp en liten liste her :)
Hvis du har skrevet om meg må du gjerne fortelle meg om det. Det havner opp i denne lista. :)
2009 juli -
2009 januar – juni
2008 juni – desember

Michelle Malkin (née Maglalang; born October 20, 1970) has got it all... good looks, talent and a burning desire to spread her Conservative views! On TV, radio and in her blog and books Michelle tackles the difficult topics and goes where other pundits and political bloggers fear to tread.

Pictured at right with soulmate DJ Vadim, International hip-hop artist / performer Yarah Bravo blogs and Facebooks like the trooper she is! While Yarah's been touring the planet now for several years, she's more and more being regarded as a serious blogger, something that began when Vadim was diagnosed and treated for ocular cancer. He's made a full recovery and she continues to make a name for herself! MySpace Blogger Mrs. Vadim has crafted / contributed to a spirited bunch of festive hip-hop videos you'll easily avail yourself of on YouTube!

For a major international film star whose English skills are a work-in-progress to take on a blogspot blog and share her pictures, music, poetry and soul with the masses puts outrageous over-the-top Bai Ling in a unique class with the likes of Xu Jinglei, Gen-Si and Xiaxue.

Bai Ling uploads all of her posts from her cell phone, from wherever she is, interrupting whatever she happens to be doing, which can be happening just about anywhere on Earth!

Watching a shy teen-ager from Singapore blossom into an outspoken blogging queen, a TV star and now an International Sensation has been an amazing ride! The 2009 cutting-edge re-design of her website, her knack with Photoshop and now her storybook romance has transformed Wendy Cheng into a bride-to-be wedding planner - something that if you or I had written as a novel and offered it to a publisher they would have thrown us out of the office. Things like this don't happen in "real life." Oh yes they do!


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run4chocolate said...

Michelle Malkin is too hateful to be "hot" about anything. Yes, she has a large following but that's due more to guys who want to oogle her than anything to do with what she spews. Or at least I hope that's why.

Here's one who flies under the radar. She also runs the hell on earth darfur blog.

Dave Lucas said...

@run4chocolate THANKS for checking in!

Euroangel said...

wow this blog sounds very interesting! thanks for the visit...thanks for sharing this hot blogger i wish!!! wink!!

RE Ausetkmt said...

wow Dave.. I did't make the list.. awwwwwww, I'm so disappointed. (wink*wink) especially since one of my REAL 40 DD's Is Hotter than Michelle Malkin xeroxed and stacked. besides I'm not as hateful and a whole lot more fun.

113Dir said...

Michelle Malkin --yeaaaa ! she does it for me too.

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