Sunday, February 28, 2010

Blips Across The Blogosphere

Another case of "sour grapes" regarding the Entrecard program: Business Sphere blog reporting "After nine (9) months of being an Entrecard user, the last three months of which being in the Top 5 of the most popular blogs in all categories, I left the network... users visiting your blog are on a “drop and run”, then “bounce” away to go to the next blog, spending just 5 seconds on your blog...Many Entrecard user blogs have viruses and Trojans. That’s why everyday there are users leaving Entrecard because of this problem..." I left a comment on the blog (not sure if they'll approve it, so here it is:)
I disagree. As I pour through traffic reports provided by various metering services I use, people who arrive at my blog thru search engines are just as likely to spend a few seconds and bounce as entrecarders. Having said that, since Cornyman published his ghost-dropping article, I've not only seen traffic increase but several entrecarders have actually stayed on my site (a few as long as 1 hour or more, bumping up the "average time spent" indicators) People place too much value on "traffic" and "hits" anyway - and that takes all the fun out of blogging! As for viruses, anyone who doesn't have a good firewall and anti-virus program in place shouldn't be surfing the net!
Other commenters who have left Entrecard report drops in traffic and Alexa ranking.

Speaking of comments::: This disheartening incident was recently brought to my attention: a blogger unleashed an ad hominem* attack against me. My crime? I reported an experience I had trying to leave a comment on that weblog, which I dare not visit again. That's too bad, because perhaps a virus worked its way into that blogger's script which redirected the comment process to an advert. Now, we will never know!

*Attacking an opponent or critic personally instead of answering / resolving the argument.

Keep in mind::: BLOGGING is ALL ABOUT "Freedom of Expression!"

And MOST OF ALL::: It should be EASY to leave a comment on a blog, not a hassle!

If YOU are an entrecarder, take the program with a grain of salt, for what it's worth. I take pleasure in cultivating the dial-up droppers, because they will spend more than 10 minutes on my blog once they arrive.

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The Twitterer said...

i've read what he wrote too but didn't comment on his blog. i agree with your POV.

imelda said...

i primarily visit blogs to read posts; building traffic is just secondary.

BlogTactic said...

Entrecard is free so we can't expect much from it.and there are member's post which is quite interesting to read.

apart from that, i do keep track on member's progress. but ofcourse, half of them just give up on blogging.

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