Monday, February 15, 2010

Do-it-yourself Music Monday

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On Valentine's Day I published my list of Hottest Blogging Babes for the year 2010. It almost DIDN'T get published this year, partly because I believe that lists, no matter how carefully compiled, always manage to leave something or someone out. Lists, especially those involving things like weather and pop culture are culled from limited sources of data, accurate but imperfect.

Having typed that, I will call your attention to a list of "sexy songs" released in recent days. While it contains 50 popular tunes, I disagree with #1 and many other songs charted, so much so that I made a list of my own which I am much more comfortable with. The "official" list picked Olivia Newton-John's "Physical" as sexiest song (What were they thinking!), and some feel it's because of the MTV video that accompanied it when it was first released. Hmph! A thousand times sexier and more provocative was Appolonia 6's "Sex Shooter" - 3 gals, six you-know-whats.. It was banned by MTV, although there may have been a broadcast of a "clean" version on USA Network's 1980s "Night Flight" program.

Here's my Top 50 Sexiest Songs

1 - LOUIE LOUIE by the Kingsmen Banned (for awhile) from 1960's radio. Forbidden to be played by bands or deejays at high school dances. "I felt my xxxx lie in her xxxx" mis-heard words were like sins amplified in the fertile imaginations of listeners! And when the song did get "snuck in" to the dance playlist right under unsuspecting parents' noses, you would blush today at the suggestive dance moves exhibited by otherwise "normal" young students! (For more suggestive dancing, there's "Hide and Go Seek (pt 1)" by Bunker Hill)

2 - TOUCH ME by The Doors Morrisonus Erectus! Some would suggest that "Light My Fire" could be substituted. I don't think so. Hot song. Not the same effect! ;)

3 - NOTHING TAKES THE PLACE OF YOU by Toussaint McCall How many high school students got their first sexual thrills slow-dancing to this one? They're all older now, but play this forgotten tune for them, and... (Song is featured in the original "Hairspray")

4 - MORE MORE MORE by Andrea True Connection Disco-era jollies from then porn-star Andrea True. Her group was a one-hit wonder!

5 - More than a fifty. Hundreds of tunes by JAMES BROWN, ISAAC HAYES, SOLOMON BURKE, MARVIN GAYE & BARRY WHITE ::: These guys were truly awesome! Marvin Gaye made even the National Anthem sound sexy!

All of these songs are google-able. For example, type "Louie Louie Kingsmen youtube" in the searchbox or "Louie Louie Kingsmen mp3" depending on whether you want video or just some sound for your player. Here's how to save videos and covert them into Video Discs or mp3s.

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RE Ausetkmt said...

those are some really good tunes. you should stop by we play alot of those musicians, like James Brown, Solomon Burke, and others.

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