Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Few More Snippets of Info Before I Ride Off Into The Night

Curley and General Bow didn't bother sticking around. They saddled up and rode outta here before sunset!

Well, now the "thinking cap" is off. No thoughts of clever names for this post. I was just watching AP flash video on Saki Tumi's laptop of the latest news headlines. Some dude tossed a baby off a bridge. Another idiot burns his house down and crashes an airplane into an IRS office building. A Zebra runs loose on an Atlanta highway. People are caught on camera fighting aboard city busses in California! We're in some sort of mad swirling spiral of events!

No doubt about it: it's tough out there for journalists!

Discussion on LinkedIn about "Journalism and Objectivity" - David Bresnahan ::: Objectivity Makes Journalism Better, Not Worse ... among responses, Latrice Davis commented regarding fairness, balance and accuracy, citing a 2007 entry posted on her blog.

Sometimes it tough getting the word out: famous amateur film-maker, Hu Ge, recently madecrafted a new satirical piece on the Internet censorship in China. The 7-minute video, 'Animal World: the Home-living Animal' is styled as an animal-planet type of documentary and has attracted hundreds of thousands of views in a matter of a few days. More...

Global Voices also takes a look at Hindi blog-posts regarding the Bollywood film 'My Name Is Khan' and discovers reactions to this picture have more to do with the cultural politics in India than with the aesthetic value of the movie itself.

Well, time for me to call it a night! I'm sure something else will happen before morning breaks!
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imelda said...

same here i am also trapped in a swirling spiral of events.

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