Wednesday, February 17, 2010

OLYMPICS 2010 ::: Lindsey Jacobellis Goes Down...

...and other Pop Clips » 17 Feb 10

Have you been following the Olympics? Every time I turn on the TV an athlete is falling down or crashing into something! Most shocking (aside from the luger who was killed in a high-speed crash) was Lindsey Jacobellis' performance. The greatest SBX racer of all time was disqualified.

She's not be confused with Lindsey Vonn. The LA Times posted hi-res Olympix...

Here's one for a Fluffy Friday: Catolympics!

And here's the latest "Flash Mob" event!

"Lost" recap: The simple things in life are all complicated.

CRUISE the WEB w/Betsy Newmark!

Who are YOU following on twitter? Who follows you? Do you follow back? Do you cut people off your list if they don't follow you back? Here's Bettina May's URL.

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1 comment:

Jen said...

I noticed that myself. Everyone seems to be off their game. I saw the snowboarder last night and it hurt to watch.

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