Thursday, March 18, 2010

On the Menu ::: Brighter Futures!

Student Kela Brathwaite is fast becoming a culinary expert!

Today I received an assignment that was newsworthy AND delicious! The Elks Lodge on Allen Street is participating in a job training program run by the Culinary Tech Center in Albany, which received federal stimulus money by way of the Department of Labor, under its Disconnected Youth grant program, to train 20 young adults for jobs in the restaurant industry.

The Culinary program runs five-hours-per day, five-days per week training program. It is aimed at young adults with educational deficiencies and other barriers to employment, such as substance abuse or homelessness.

Participants learn everything from cooking techniques to menu planning, as well as basic work skills such as the importance of coming to work on time and getting along with co-workers. Job placement services will also be offered.

I was the only radio reporter there but the TV stations were well-represented!

The best part about the presser: the food! The young chefs prepared quite a tasty little feast for us lucky media people! For a minute I felt bad for some of my fellow-reporters from radio, tv and print who FAILED to show for the event! Actually, they were probably assigned to something else.

Look who showed up! YNN Videojournalist Sabina Kuriakose trekked in all the way from the Berkshires!

And since we're talkin' food ::: Albany's Townsend Park Bakery Café will reopen during April — replete with a fully stocked bar!

Someone asked me about my favourite spot for food in the area: OK, for breakfast it's Panera's chain, for Lunch and sometimes dinner SPINNERS! And for informal evening dining, the Gateway!
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