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Pop Clips » 18 Mar 2010

Internet censorship map via Ambiome.

More Tiger Woods Texts leaked...

Brother Power! (WTF?!?)

From the DailyMail ::: New pictures of a young Barry Soetoro in Indonesia!

From New York 1 ::: "must-see" video of Iggy Pop's encounter with Harold Ford.

From NYmag ::: we'd liked to have seen video (there is none) of Bernie Madoff's butt whipped by a fellow prisoner...

A Saudi man has been charged with morality crimes after a video appeared on YouTube where he is dressed in police uniform, dancing and flirting with the male cameraman. He has been sentenced to 1,000 lashes, a 5,000 rial ($1,333) fine and a year in prison. Global Voices' Katharine Ganly reports on blogger reactions.

On Long Island, Samina Khan annulled her marriage with Farrukh Khan, a Pakistani immigrant who had been in need of a green card, after allegedly finding out he was gay.

Bicycle riders, please don't let this happen to you!!!

Hey Al Gore! On March 27, Saudi Arabia will take part in Earth Hour by switching off power for an hour!

Coincidence! Last night I was watching some VHS tapes I found in the back of the old entertainment center, recorded years ago off Channel 11... Roswell!

Entrecarders take note ::: There's a new free traffic exchange for BLOGS only... You get 300 points for signing up... the site takes you from blog-to-blog and the best thing about it is that most of the members so far are also entrecard members (so you can auto-hop and drop)! There's a post on freetrafficplaces that contains all of the deets!

Senior yahoo! exec Ash Patel, one of the company's longest serving employees, will shortly be history. His last day will be next Monday.
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Sheila Sultani said...

Be careful, you are not allowed to have google ads on a website in a traffic exchange. For some reason Entrecard, Adgitize and CMF ads are not considered traffic exchanges, but, sites with a timer are.

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