Sunday, March 21, 2010

Scandal Touches Stephy Tang!

Edison Chen, all over again? It certainly looks like! I was living in Hong Kong working for TV during the time of the Edison Chen scandal. (I used to read about it here on this blog! LOL!) Now it looks like KIRA,
Police sources have disclosed to the press that a group named Kira was behind this case. Indeed, Kira had since early 2007, private photos and videos of Edison Chen and asked the sum of 5 million dollars to Hong Kong Emperor Entertainment Group (EEG) AKA the Yinghuang in exchange for non-publication of them.
which originally uploaded the material that brought down Chen and several HK actresses (like Gillian Chung) has re-surfaced.This time, KIRA sets the lens on Stephy Tang Lai Yan of Cookies fame, and it's not looking good. Celebrity Gossip Blog has details (WARNING: NSFW) Sources say the video was shot in 2002 when Stephy Tang and Edison Chen were cast in leading roles for the film "Nine Girls and a Ghost". It may be old news. Other sources say it may not be Stephy at all. No doubt the Jack Neo scandal brought new interest to the Asian scandal topic!

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C.Alv.B said...

All about scandal..good to read hard to swallow hehe..

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