Sunday, April 18, 2010

10 Times More Blog Traffic For Free!!!

There's way too much useless and time-wasting information out there. Example::: I followed a link from someone's twitter tweet, something like "Get boatloads of blog traffic" - the link led to some guy's blog where he wrote "I just saw the greatest article about getting boatloads of traffic to my blog so I bookmarked it, blah blah blah." He provided a link to the superslow loading website where he got the info, and it turned out to be a 2006 article on a blog that I had seen bazillions of times before.

Forget those links from twitter - it's probably something you've already seen!  Too many twitterers are signing up for automated feeds and other B.S. programs that are to the twittersphere as weeds are to your lawn! There is ONE BLOG I recommend - at least for now - it's relatively new, as its owner is posting more timely content more frequently and happens to be an entrecard member. Bookmark or otherwise placemark 10 Times More Blog Traffic For Free... you won't regret it!

NEW to entrecard or thinking of joining? Need a banner to promote your blog? Here ya go!

VIDEO:::Tutorial EntreCard Drop System

Hey, it just dawned on me... I sorta just did almost the same thing I described above! Only this time, your visit here has VALUE ADDED because you can jump to my landing page and read more quality posts! It's a WIN WIN WIN situation!


One more before you go: here's a service you'll find very helpful in getting the word out about you and your blog! It's a great promotional tool which I wholeheartedly endorse! Just mouseover and click on the image! Oh, and by the way, just so we're clear: this entire post is NOT an advertorial nor any sort of paid ad of any kind!

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imelda said...

i enjoy entrecarding as well as my son, happy sunday davey

Warren said...

Thanks for the boost and for advertising on my page. I appreciate the confidence you have shown in such a new site and I will do my best not to disappoint you.

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