Wednesday, April 28, 2010

10 Ways To Become A Famous Blogger!

If you want to become known around the blogosphere, there is a code you must type by!

BONUS ::: How To Get Your Blog Ready For 2012

1 ::: GIVE YOUR BLOG A UNIQUE NAME - My blog began life as "Capital Region People" and then "Dave Lucas." Some prefer to call it "New York's HOTTEST Blog" (as dubbed so on a Chinese forum a few years back). Your blog needs an IDENTITY.

2 ::: COME UP WITH AN EYE-CATCHING LOGO OR PICTURE - "Image is everything" and in case you haven't noticed, I have TWO distinct images I use: one is a picture of me and the other a cartoon graphic. You must create an illusion for the masses to identify with. A "sticky" profile picture!

3 ::: SELECT A UNIQUE "HAT" OR NICKNAME AND USE IT ON TWITTER, MySpace and as your "blog signature" and when you participate in online forums. This is as much a part of your "online persona" as the logo/picture. I pretty much just use my name and sometimes my DJ name "DaveyBoy."

4 ::: BE ORIGINAL! Stand Out! In a post dating back several years, blogger Ambra Nykola worte "Your audience wants to read original stuff, not rehashed trash that they have already read six times over. Be original. You want to be a producer most of the time. It's OK to be a reviewer or a pointer sometimes too. But if you want to be a rock star (blogger), you gotta deliver the originals. Do you know of any cover bands playing Madison Square Garden?

Nothing irks blog readers (blogders) more than some idiot who sends out a tweet with a catchy headline that links back to a blog that only has a link to another person's blog. A big time-waster! Don't do that! Back to Ambra: "you may wonder if anyone is reading. When your audience is small, this is when you need to be giving your best performances. Wow them with your blog virtuosity, even if you are playing to only one or two readers. It may be helpful for you to pretend as if you already have a large readership. It's sort of like air guitar for blogging."

5 ::: WRITE! Post articles about topics you are passionate about! Don't be afraid to vary your repetoire! Engage your readers. Ask questions. Encourage dialogue! Post ORIGINAL images whenever you can! Join writer's groups like Seeded Buzz to help promote your articles!

Don't be a copycat! I've often read people speculating on who will be "the Next Instapundit" or "the Next (Insert Popular Person)". Along with this comes tips on how to become an A-list blogger. Newsflash: we don't need another Instapundit. We need YOU to be YOU! Bring what you have to the table and stop trying to emulate the success of others. Throw out the hope of attaining someone else's level of success. I promise your blog will be much more successful as a result.

6 ::: PROMOTE! Use twitter, tags, Digg, StumbleUpon and pinging to get word out about your latest post! Use trackbnacks whenever you can, and by all means, LEAVE COMMENTS ON OTHER BLOGS along with the URL of your relevant post! Use to find out who ese is writing about what you've written about! See what THEY say! Add your comments! Provide an RSS feed!

7 ::: TAKE CONTROL! You wrote it, you posted it: now don't be afraid to stand up for it! Increase the strength of your reputation by joining services like MyBlogLog and creating new threads on forums. There are many different types of alliances you can establish.

8 :: BE RESPONSIVE! Answer all comments and other interaction from other bloggers and from readers! Don't dismiss (or get offended by) important criticism! Don't play the part of a "wounded" blogger! Boo-hoo-hoo! If there is a falling out or a problem, resolve it, don't run from it! Confront it! Don't hide your head in the sand like an ostrich!

9 ::: BE SMART! There will be days when the last thing you want to look at is your weblog. A good rule of thumb: if you don't have something to say, don't upload a post. Do not check your web stats each day. Just let things flow initially. Avoid "get hits quick" schemes. Use social networking services (Facebook, Twitter, MyBlogLog, Blog Catalog, Entrecard) to establish friendships and expose your articles.

10 ::: RECIPROCATE! Comment back when someone leaves a comment on your blog! Visit their blog! If they drop on your entrecard, drop back (or advertise on their blog! Say "hey" once in awhile to those who check in on your C-box or tagboard. Participate in memes and causes!

TRAFFIC TIP ::: Get a sitemeter of one sort or another so that you can monitor your blog traffic. Wednesday night (New York Time) around 7:30 (Thursday morning in Southeast Asia & Australia/NZ) is the best time to post. My biggest traffic day in April 2010 was Thursday, April 22nd. The following data is four years old, but IMHO still valid.

* The highest traffic in a month comes in the first and third weeks of a month, with more hits during the end half of a month.
* The highest traffic days of the week are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday.
* The highest traffic in an average day comes during 0800 – 1400 PST (1600 – 2200 GMT).
* Most comments are posted between 0900 – 1400 PST (1600 – 2200 GMT).
* People are more likely to comment on a post on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Some say it's important to "blog everyday", but I say that it shouldn't be done at the cost of quality and purpose.

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Creative Writing Attitude ::: Everyone wants to read want what you are going to write. After all, who doesn't want to be amused and entertained?

Good writing is a fundamentally important skill, in academia and beyond.

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  1. nice post dear....very helpful. Thanks for sharing.

    I am wondering up to present though how to regain my PR3 at least. I lost it and i never know why. =( do you have an idea?

  2. Great post, Dave.
    It's a pleasure to read your blog and to see the many ways that you have improved/expanded the layout of your blog while maintaining high standards in the quality of your posts.

  3. @JENIE ::: My PR goes up and downlike a yoyo. My advice is don't worry that you lost it... just keep posting and make sure you don't have any "dead links" - pick a few blogs you aleady know that have higher PRs and try to interact by leaving comments and links back to their articles. Good Luck!

    @Geoffrey::: thanks! I have your blog in my Google reader. Now that's another matter: if I visit a blog via Google Reader (as in read the article within the reader and lot by going to the blog itself, does that get counted as a visit?) I don't think it does. I notice a lot of blogs in my reader use that "read more" feature that is available on some blogging platforms and templates. It cuts the post off on Google reader so that one MUST go to the blog to read the complete article.

  4. @Dave: Readers are important and I know they don't show up as visits, but I think with the improved means of sharing, it really doesn't matter that much...I just post and move on

  5. I found this to be a good article, your points about identity, write, promote, responsiveness are all excellent.

    In my own experience most of my traffic in the US comes in the morning with a very big drop on weekends compared to weekdays. I post every morning at 7am AZ time.

    For my feed subscriptions I have emails sent out at 6am specifically for all my feed subscribers, you can't do this with feedburner, but can with other services.

  6. Thanks for your comments! I really appreciate your input!

  7. Hi Dave!
    Another tip you could add to this - 11. Guest post on famous sites in your niche.
    Guest posting has done wonders for me.

  8. Alternatively, you could include a reference to Instapundit and hope he will link back ensuring an Instalanch. Heh.

  9. You forgot to list the unethical ways a blogger can suddenly jump in popularity (not you, other bloggers).

    1) Pretend to be a Conservative/Liberal for a certain period of time, and then switch sides with great drama and fanfare.

    2) Use the most powerful language, including profanity, to blast your enemies of the week.

    3) Make up stuff that would get you dragged into court on Libel charges, and when confronted about it, switch subjects.

    4) Censor your comments with great energy, proclaiming your martyr status due to people trying to respond to your rants.

    There are more, but I'll let other commenters list them. Feel free to quote examples from LGF and others.

  10. And I'm taking advice from the
    *140,000th* most popular site on the internet, why?

  11. @cas127 ::: Why? Hmmmm... if you saw a book in a shop and found it interesting, would you be worried how many other people were (or were not) reading it? If it helped you in some way, would it be any less valuable if you discovered it went out of print after selling a few hundred copies?

    @mike::: I never thought "Instapundit" would notice... or care! But it's one of the few blogs with clout that has some long legs!

    @ to all ::: remember, it's only a blog! And if this one is # 140,000 I think that's great - There are MILLIONS below me! I'm a sTaR! ;)

  12. Dude I have been checking out your blog and I have to kinda sucks.

  13. @Trooper York ::: that's okay. The content on this blog may not be in your niche. Thanks for checking in anyway! I've heard back from readers who've said my blog is "too shallow," "too deep," "too serious," "not imaginative," "needs to be more serious," "great source of info," "stop trying to be like a newspaper," "stop trying to be like a magazine," "you might want to look at how newspapers and magazines would approach your chosen topics" - and the list goes on! One old saying comes to mind: "you can't please all of the people all of the time" ...

  14. LOL! This is great! HIROSHI on Techmynd offers a simple hands & keyboard "trick" to becoming a better blogger!!!

  15. Tips 1-10 are great reminders but #11, now that's the one I got excited about! Thanks for the tip.

    Reading the comments listed I must say I chuckled reading 'Dude'...everyone's a critic with an opinion.

    Working on the company blog I can tell you that our team needs all the tips we can get and I appreciate you taking the time to share!
    Can you take a look and give me feedback?

  16. nice try for the begginers....thanks,

  17. diggin it, thanks.Check out my blogs :

    its an array of perspectives...just up an running but check it out. Comment and give feedback.Thanks for your tips.

  18. WOAH..!thanks giving tips..I hope your tips will famous'ing' my blog..check me

  19. "But if you want to be a rock star (blogger), you gotta deliver the originals. Do you know of any cover bands playing Madison Square Garden?"

    A great saying and indeed very true

  20. I feel that, originality and quality is the important ways to become a famous blogger. Nice guide for me. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Great post! This helped a lot! Thanks for sharing with us ^-^

  22. Thankyou very much for this post. It was a great help to me since I am new in this arena.

  23. Very good article and this will help me a lot thanks.

  24. Thank you for this really helpful post! I'll definitely check out these tips :)

  25. Thanks for this informative post! I really appreciated it :)

  26. Hey Dave thanks for theses tips they're AWESOME. I am planning on starting a blog, thanks for the advice dude :))

  27. What are your rates for building a commercial type blog? Are you set up with paypal or have a credit card ready site? thanks

  28. ANYONE who needs help can contact me by email! Transactions can be handled via PayPal!

  29. This is my first visit to your site. Today I have got a new site. I am really happy to be here. I am stay tuned here for your next blog...

  30. cheers dear Lucas..your advise means so much to me...

  31. I always found that this helped me get somewhat noticed

  32. Great site and good tips....Also check out

  33. These are all great tips. Especially about being original, and being yourself. We're all unique, and that's what people are always looking for.

  34. i just started my blogspot yesterday and today im learning, researching and exploring the art of blogging. i stumbled upon your post and i can say that for a newbie like me, these 10 ways are super helpful! THANKS DAVE! i truly hope i can stand by my blog and in turn inspire others with whatever it is that i have to share! :)-- seeyou at the blogspot! its

  35. really nice work:)keep it up!

  36. Hello Dave! I just started 2 blog sites recently. One is in English and on the other one I have decided to write in Filipino language (I am from the Philippines) so that my countrymen can relate better

    I must say that I'm still a real noob to the blog world but with these tips you shared, I hope to be a great blogger like u.

    God bless and more power, Davey! ^_^

  37. way intellectual post. thanks so much.

  38. I found this vey uselful, I just started a blog and posted my first ever blog. chec it out

  39. Nice blog and it is found totally informative

  40. Very helpful tips!Thanks for sharing, I'll keep them in mind!

  41. Check out my blog! :)

  42. Thanks 4 the info. Please check out my blog (for game lovers).

  43. Thanks for the tips! :)


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