Sunday, April 25, 2010

"I will fly with you..."

A friend loaned me his DVD of the movie "Avatar." I just finished watching it. I'm glad I waited until all the hype and hoopla died down. It's an amazingly well-constructed motion picture on all points. Storyline, plot, quality of acting and special effects.

Unlike many people who were physically sickened by the theatrical 3-D, I was just fine, watching it on my non-3D TV set! I felt UPLIFTED after watching. I suppose if you asked me what I may have learned or felt, I would have to say that the message in the film is that we are all interconnected in a spiritual way that not everyone experiences or appreciates on a personal level.

I now understand why the picture is so highly regarded. I give it "two thumbs up" but won't recommend you watch it, much as I would not recommend you try LSD. "Avatar" is in a class of its own. Some will be moved, others disturbed by it.

Stephen Hawking: Aliens exist but don't talk to them -- it's too dangerous...

Many people reportedly succumbed to weeks of unhappiness and depression after viewing the film. I fail to understand why folks would react that way. Was the 3-D overpowering?  Of course, I don't understand why some people choose to commit suicide or murder, either. Those are actions I cannot see myself ever taking. Oh, there was a show on PBS a few weeks back about a fellow who had an incurable illness and went to Europe for an assisted suicide. I guess that's a little different, in a Soylent Green way. I agreed with that particular fellow's decision to leave.

Did YOU see "Avatar" - and if so, what was your encounter like?

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mamalira said...

I saw the movie Avatar in 3D and I must say it is well done with all those never before seen effects, story and the message it relays to the viewers. Certainly, this is not the movie that I would include in my DVD collection. Just overpowering.

Lion Rampant said...

Excellent movie but only in cinema with 3D. I now believe movies will be taken to a new level after Avatar oh and my son plays the game on xbox.

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