Monday, April 19, 2010

Pop Clips » 19 April 2010

via New York Magazine ::: A new generation of tech entrepreneurs in the city is trying to overthrow old media and build a better New York—with the help of their iPhones. Are they dreaming? Definitely. But in a good way.

The NYPD has launched a probe into the behavior of Deputy Chief Michael Gabriel, after he allegedly made inappropriate advances and sent "Twilight" themed texts to Detective Dawn DelValle-Sanchez, who initially did not report them...

The Wall Street Journal has sold more than 3,200 subscriptions to its iPad app since the device's April 3 release date, says a memo from Journal managing editor Robert Thomson published by The Business Insider.

The sixth annual Deutsche Welle Best of Blogs (BOBs) Awards have come to a close, and the Global Voices community is celebrating the winners.

Brian Whitaker reports on a vote buying scandal surrounding a poetry contest in Kuwait here.

Yes, even politicians have fun with photoshop!!!

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