Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Facebook Topples Steve Valente, Raises Hopes For Ashley Marie Carroll

Steve Valente's facebook pictures caused a stir in the Capital Region. "I was in college then and I've grown up a lot since then," Valente, 23, told the newspaper. He said most of the pictures were from his freshman or sophomore years at the university. "I didn't feel it was appropriate to go back and edit my postings..."

Turns out those postings were Valente's undoing. From the Albany Times Union:::
"In Bethlehem, where the $88.2 million budget passed 3,276 to 1,678, voters doubled the walking distance for high school students to one mile. The change required a public referendum, and the vote was 3,396 to 1,491. The district will save an estimated $10,600 next year in transportation costs. In Averill Park, voters approved the $55.4 million budget by a 2,184 to 1,288 vote but rejected the bus purchase plan 1,808 to 1,246. The school board race, which was heated to begin with amid residents' ire about the closing of two elementary schools, had seven candidates seeking three board seats. The contest got even hotter when Steve Valente's re-election campaign was rocked by disclosure that that his Facebook page promoted beer- chugging and contained quotes mocking gay and disabled people.

Valente was the only incumbent turned out of office. He finished sixth in the field of seven."
How to DELETE your Facebook account.

Did you ever wonder what you were really sharing with non-friends through Facebook?

The EFF has reported on the slow shift away to a more public Facebook and this chart illustrates how much the default settings have eroded privacy.

Facebook is also being enlisted to help solve the "missing persons" case (of the type where "you know the rest" factors in!) of local Ashley Marie Carroll.
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Tomas said...

While blogging I was used to post what was on my heart at a moment and didn't think about any security. I wrote such way as if speaking face to face with the best friend and didn't bother about either hear us anybody else or not. Your post helped me to grasp I wasn't right. Mu posts weren't just my musings but the public confessions/the statements. So your question "Did you ever wonder what you were really sharing" gave me a good shake. Thank you. I was reminded about my responsibility for the words I seed. I will check out what was written on my Art by Tomas blog till now and hope the further posts will be edited appropriately due your precious remark. Thank you for the warning.

Dave Lucas said...

Yes, Tomas, we all should be careful when sending material out onto the net. But we are only human, and humans make mistakes!

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