Thursday, May 06, 2010

Joe Bruno Sentenced To Two Years...

TV, radio and print reporters gathered outside the federal courthouse, downtown Albany, 06 May 2010.

What a long busy day today was for this reporter! I was up at the usual 0500 hours, out for the morning run, picked up the NYT, hopped online while breakfast was cooking... I actually got to work later than usual, having had to run a few errands first. Much of the morning I spent answering emails and writing, then I was off to an 1100 press conference at the Legislative Office Building in downtown Albany, topic: anti-tobacco programs in New York State suffering from budget cutbacks. I was back at home base just before 12 and presented my story on-air around 1217... then, after a leisurely lunch at Ichiban, I gathered up my equipment once again and headed out for the "big one" - the sentencing of former State Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno.

I had a feeling this was going to be a "longhaul" so I wisely took a bus downtown rather than drive. Good thing I did! I arrived at the federal courthouse on Broadway just before 2pm. We'd heard that's about the time Joe Bruno was to arrive. Turned out he didn't show up until later on...

The weather forecast for Thursday called for highs around 70, with a bit of wind during the afternoon. Yes, it was VERY windy! I was glad I kept my sweater on! As the afternoon sun disappeared behind the tall buildings, that wind mercilessly blew across Broadway, chilling us reporters to the bone: some of us were shivering, other teeth chattering! But it was a special experience of the kind reporters these days rarely enjoy: we all hunker down together, conversing, exchanging stories, joking, and of course staying "ready" but "paused" awaiting action. And boy, did we await!

New Media was outside the courthouse, too! AlbanyCitizenOne blogs and tweets from a cozy corner (out of the relentless wind) at the top of the stairs leading into the federal building.

I saw a lot of familiar faces! Angela Rosetti from Talk1300 and Jim Knapp from WGY were the other radio reporters on hand, besides myself and Karen DeWitt... Local TV "heavy hitter" anchors Bill Lambdin and John McLoughlin were there, along with Jim and Sabrina from Newschannel13. Capital News 9 aka YNN had quadruple representation: I think they had four cameras there, plus their "heavy-hitter" Steve Ference! The print media was represented by a barrage of reporters and photogs! Job well-done, everyone!!!!

The mechanics of the situation were like this: most TV stations were double-teaming the event: two mics at the podium, two cameramen, two anchors. (Make that THREE for WTEN!) Outside the courtoom many things can happen, so you need people ready to deploy. One group stayed OUTside the courthouse, and the other INside. This arrangement was a bit different than the way TV & Radio handled the Bruno trial last fall. For NPR, Karen DeWitt decided to go inside while I remained outdoors.

"I bleed, I rise, I fight again!"

Everyone seemed to believe that sentencing shouldn't take very long. "15 minutes and that's it," said one newspaper reporter! Joe Bruno's sentencing (which some jokingly referred to as 'crucifixion time') was set for 3pm... well, I thinkit was right around 5:30pm when one of the newspaper reporters hurried out of the courthouse, remarking "Two years!" - then we all waited and waited and waited for Joe Bruno to come out. He eventually did, a few minutes before 6, addressing the media. One thing about Bruno, he has always been a class act when it comes to interacting with the press. He turns on the charm and charisma, and even in this time of tribulation, was gracious enough to make himself available!

Because Karen had an engagement right after 6pm, I did the live radio Q-and-A with Brian Shields anchoring coveraqge from back at the studio. Then I dashed inside the courthouse to the briefing room where US Attorney Richard Kartuchian and his team of federal prosecutors held their own press conference. By the time we wrapped up and I hopped off the bus outside the WAMC building, it was almost 7pm! After transferring the sound I gathered from my recorder into the station's audio processing equipment, I was done... glad the day was over but happy to have had the opportunity to cover the event and witness history in the making!

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  1. 這一生中有多少人擦肩而過?而朋友是多麼可貴啊!..................................................

  2. Bruno may be a "class act" with the media but he's the lowest of the low when it comes to what he has done to New York politics. Hopefully if he never sees some well deserved time he'll simply burn in hell for can only wish.,


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